What does reliability mean to you and your car?

In this mini series, we are looking at the wider definition of reliability in the context of a classic car.

We all know that reliability means mechanical dependability, but does it have the same meaning in the context of classic cars?

When we purchase a classic car, our expectations of reliability are different to the expectations we would place on a modern daily driver.

One might not expect a daily driver to make every journey a joy.
One might not expect a daily driver to increase in value with time.
One might not even consider that a daily driver could disappoint.

If we don’t expect these things of our daily drivers, then why do we heap this expectation on our classics…?

Our goal was to distill what true reliability means to a classic car owner, and ask the question, could my classic car be more reliable?

Click the links below to read each blog:

1. Mechanical Reliability

Does your classic car consistently function as a car, or is it a driveway ornament with an unpredictable personality?

2. Emotional Reliability

Does your classic car constantly put a smile on your face, or do you have a love hate relationship?

3. Financial Reliability

Does your classic car give you financial confidence, or do you lose sleep over losing money?

4. Inspirational Reliability

Is your classic car so reliable that it inspires you to use it, or does a trip take days of preparation?