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Here at SL Shop, we live and breathe classic Mercedes-Benz cars. Across 10 years, we have forged a reputation for delivering on our promises, thanks to our considerable expertise in the field, and professional approach to working with clients from all over the world.
We hope you enjoy our new website, and we look forward to being of service.
Indulge yourself or a loved one with the experience of classic car motoring. The SL Shop has a fleet of stunning Mercedes SLs available for you to hire. Whether it’s from the glamorous 60s, the chic 80s or the stylish 90s; there’s an SL for you.
Although the SL was superbly engineered, we always knew the platform was capable of more. Customers were looking to make the car drive, respond and brake in line with modern performance standards. With this in mind, we started the SportLine project.
With our deep understanding of the SL and experience with the marque, we can rebuild your car to factory standards.