Where did your Mercedes-Benz story start?

The Mercedes-Benz brand has an appeal, an allure that can often be hard to put into words. We understand the company, the cars, the cultural significance and the marketing, but what about the personal side?

Everyone has a different entry route to the Mercedes-Benz brand, a different influence. Perhaps it was a particular car or person that introduced you to a world of Mercedes, or perhaps it was always in the family?

We are asking our readers to share their Mercedes-Benz stories.

So where did your Mercedes-Benz story start?

Craig Douglas, Maryland, USA:

“The MB bug bit me early! I learned to drive in my Dad’s W115 280 (below). Later he came to his senses and relegated my driving to the Ford Pinto you see in the background. None the less I was hooked!…”

Where it all began… The 280 Saloon

“As the years passed, the MB experiences continued, and my family added the W126 turbo diesel (below.)….”

Moving on up… W126 joins the family

“As my parents retired they purchased the W140 S320 (below) as their ‘final’ nice car purchase. The S320 was passed on to me, and it holds fond family memories for my wife and me. Now its time to add a 560SL to the stable”

Final destination… Mighty W140 has now been inherited by Craig

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