R107 280SL Customer Testimonial

We’ve had a great customer testimonial come to us via Footman James Insurance’s blog:

“It [the car] spoke volumes to me. In silver, with a factory-original dark grey contrast roof, chrome hubcaps, and the iconic sports-check cloth interior, it was just so elegant and every bit as glorious as the car I remember as a boy. With only three owners, 32,000 miles from new and absolutely no rust or restoration anywhere on it, I knew it was the car for me.”

I bought from the SL shop because they are a leading expert on the cars, and I wanted to ensure I was buying a good one, rather than a car that would need constant attention and prove a frustration. I’m pleased I made the right decision, as I would hate to be a slave to a car – so owning this SL has been a dream. They make very cost effective classics, as the parts are easy to come across, they are robustly made and mechanically uncomplicated.”

Thank you for your kind words Martin!

Many customers would agree, when buying a specialist vehicle, always choose a specialist. Over the years we have had many, many cars come to us that have been purchased elsewhere, booked in for rectification work that would not have happened with an SLSHOP car.

As the price of these cars has increased, so too have the cases of dealers or individuals looking to profit from the popularity.

We have seen a number of cars in recent months that show clear evidence that someone has gone to significant lengths to disguise bulkhead issues.

Be careful, be wary, and always go to a specialist.

Would you like to feel as thrilled as Martin does? Take a look at the showroom.