R 107 SL Rear Seats

Mercedes-Benz R 107 SL Rear Seats:

Original vs Bench Seats

Rear seats were a factory option on the R 107 SL, and an expensive one at that. Not many cars were equipped with these from new, yet our experience has shown that cars with rear seats are more desirable to buyers and as a result command a premium in the marketplace.

We offer two different types of rear seat for the R 107 SL – a bench seat, and an original style seat.

The rear bench seat is a popular solution, developed by The SL Shop to match the interior if your car.

The original style rear seat replicates the cut, pleats, perforations, curves, humps, fit and finish of the rear seat as it would have left the factory on cars where that option was specified. We spent a great deal of time and effort ensuring the finished product was indistinguishable from the factory original.

We offer these seats in a range of factory original colours, designed to fit perfectly in your SL.

Above: Bench Seat (left) and Original Style Seat (right)

R107 SL Rear Bench Seats:

MB Tex
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R107 SL Original Style Rear Seats:

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