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The SL Shop Experience: The SL Day

The SL Day

Would you like to try an SL for the first time without hiring one for a whole day? Or share your enthusiasm for classic Mercedes-Benz cars by treating a loved one to a short drive in an iconic classic car, away from the distractions of traffic lights, roadworks and oncoming cars?

Or perhaps you'd like to compare different 107 SLs before making a purchase, or perhaps you'd just like to feel the development of the SL range through 50 years of automotive advancements?

The SL Day is an ideal opportunity drive a classic SL without distractions, purely for the enjoyment of the car.

A red SL Shop Mercedes-Benz R107 SL parked on a country track
2 SL Shop Mercedes-Benz R107's parked in the countryside
A silver SL Shop Mercedes-Benz Pagoda
Two women getting into a silver SL Shop Mercedes-Benz Pagoda
What's On Offer

1. An SL Taster
When a little is just enough… Get behind the wheel of an iconic classic Mercedes-Benz in 348 acres of 1920s RAF property. Choose from 8 different Mercedes-Benz models and drive as many as you like. A perfect gift for a Mercedes-Benz enthusiast. Allow half an hour for the experience but plan for a full day out - there is plenty to do in and around Bicester Heritage.

2. Drive The SL Timeline
A chance to drive four generations of Mercedes-Benz SL all on one day. From the ivory steering wheel of the Pagoda to the burl wood and chrome of the 107, to the high tech world of the R129. No other driving experience allows you to experience 50 years of automotive development in just a few hours.

3. 107 Group Test
You’ve read how a 6 cylinder 300SL is lighter and nimbler than the more powerful 500SL, but have you ever had a chance to feel the differences for yourself? The 560SL was never produced for European buyers, and the SportLine is an exclusive SL Shop creation. The 107 Group Test Day gives you a rare chance to drive and compare four varieties of SL.

4. Introduction to SportLine Day
Experience the addictive thrill of our SportLine. Get out on track with the ultimate R107 that The SL Shop spent months perfecting, then compare it with a purpose built SportLine race car. Finish the day with a hot lap as a passenger with a professional racing driver at the wheel of one of these astonishing cars.

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