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1983 Mercedes-Benz R107 280SL with Brazil Check (173)

Champagne Metallic (473) with Brazil Check (173) / 280SL

Principal Facts:

On IMCDB, which is a website that chronicles the presence of specific cars in film, on the telly, etc., the Mercedes-Benz R107 SL has about 55 pages of content. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, considering the German carmaker sold this generation of SL for nearly two decades, starting from the early 70s and nearly making it to the 90s. And not just that; it was a thoroughly successful car, too — with about 300,000 examples shifted globally. Now, five decades after it was first introduced, the question arises of which one to buy. The answer to that isn’t as straightforward as one would think, because while the appeal of the V8-engined models can’t be ignored, the straight-six R107s had a lot going for them, too. The range began with the 280 SL, and what we have here is a pretty good-looking example of a car that seems to have come straight out of the glorious 80s.

Condition Synopsis:

Finished in Champagne, this 1983 280 SL is a UK-ordered, low-mileage car. It has seen both hemispheres, having lived away before being imported back from South Africa in 1999. It has also been subjected to thorough check-ups and as the seller puts it 'no expense spared' work to ensure it's in its best shape — more about that is available in the History File section below. It has an aftermarket radio complete with a CD changer fitted to it, whereas the spare wheel, separate hard top, and the folding soft top are included, too. In terms of imperfections, there's nothing more than tiny scuffs on the outside and use-related marks on the interior, but we'd encourage interested buyers to have a look at the detailed photos.

History File:

Ordered in the UK forty years ago, this R107 280 SL comes with a bunch of paperwork, detailing nearly everything, especially the recent recommission. Spec-wise, it looks quite tasteful, and practical: climate control, MB-TEX Bamboo interior (it was originally specced with fabric interior, according to its VIN), and heat-insulating glass all around. The car was brought back into the UK in the year 1999 and has since seen limited use. The seller mentions that it was stored in a heated garage, and the weather clearly hasn't done anything to the car, with no signs of previous repair or major rust.

 The included invoices clearly suggest the extent of repair and replacements done to the car in order to keep it as good as it looks in the photos. Among consumables, the HEX 390Y got all five new Michelin tyres (in 2023), and a new battery two years ago. Recent maintenance records state work done on the interior, replacement of rubber bushes, alternator, etc. The seller mentions that apart from regular upkeep, the car has also had both its hard and soft tops fixed, there were some minute oil leaks which have been addressed, too, and a small rust spot on the offside front wing has been sorted out, too.

SLSHOP Summary:

There's no doubt that the V8-engined SLs have enjoyed prominence both on the other side of the Atlantic and a substantial bit as used classics, too. But the joys of a straight-six R107 aren't to be ignored. The 280 SL listed here promises to be a great way to enjoy the brilliance of the 'Panzerwagen' without burning a hole in the pocket. Plus let's not forget that these were slightly lighter than the V8 models, and the overall performance trade-off isn't huge. With just 62,569 miles on the odometer, detailed service and MoT record, and an unmissable spec, this Mercedes-Benz SL has a lot going in its favour. Plus, as the seller points out, it's going to be ULEZ-compliant in a few months. What's there to not like?

  • 62633
  • 1983
  • Automatic
  • Champagne Metallic (473)
  • Brazil Check (173)
  • Petrol
  • Exempt On Application

Inspection Report

Report Synopsis: A tidy car that can be enjoyed straight away, requiring only minor work to take it from 'good' to 'great'




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