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Bulkhead Repairs

Welcome to Owner Services from The SL Shop. This section of the web site introduces you to the many facets of our business that can help you own, improve and enjoy your classic Mercedes-Benz SL to the fullest. We welcome you to extensively search and consume the contents of this section of our web site as we believe it’s our way of showing you the depth of our specialism.

Bulkhead Repairs

Musty, damp carpets, water leaking into the cabin, blower motor temperamental, electrics starting to play up?

If your car has these symptoms, you could be suffering from a rusty bulkhead. The bulkhead is the well documented achilles heel of the R107 SL. Even on the later galvanised models, corrosion of the bulkhead is an issue, as these areas were not galvanised from the factory.

Rust within the bulkhead area is not classed as structural, and as such, won’t be picked up by an MOT or a traditional inspection.

The SL Shop have developed a bespoke panel kit to replace the factory original, made from galvanised steel. This panel can be purchased and fitted by yourself or an experienced garage, but be warned, it is no small job. Alternatively, we can carry out the work for you here at the SL Shop.

First we’ll asses the extent of the damage, before removing the dashboard, heater components, wiring and insulation - a very in depth process. Once the damaged metal is exposed, it can be cut out, and a brand new panel fitted to provide peace of mind for years to come.

The SL Shop Bulkhead Repair comes fully photo documented, with a unique bulkhead certificate and sticker proving that the work has been carried out, a valuable asset when it comes to selling your beloved 107 SL.

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