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Mercedes-Benz R107 SportLine Zero - The Zero Emissions Electric SL with Black Leather (271)

Astral Silver with Black Leather (271) / SportLine Zero - The Zero Emissions Electric SL


Principal Facts:

A chance to buy the very first Electric R107 SL…

Astral Silver with Black Leather

Built in 2019 by SLSHOP. Ready to use, with a range of 150 miles.

This is not an R107 converted to electric power… This is a complete, ground up, restoration and rebuilt incorporating electric power right from the drawing board. What we see here is an immaculate, fully restored classic Mercedes-Benz SL, running a modern electric powertrain via an automatic gearbox. There is no other SL quite like this one.

It’s also LEZ charge exempt!

Serious enquiries should be directed to Bruce.


The worlds first fully electric Mercedes-Benz R107 SL

From a distance, the styling remains sublime. Those distinctive lines, that iconic shape, the way the light dances on the chrome. It’s unmistakably a classic Benz.

Look closer and there’s quality in the detail. Every crease, every curve, every panel and every join is set exactly as Mercedes-Benz intended. The finish, the material, the craftsman’s touch… It’s undeniably an SLSHOP classic Benz.

Pull the chrome door handle, sidle yourself across the leather and find a comfortable position, reach for the luxurious padded door pull… wait for the reassuring thud as one of Stuttgart’s all time greats envelops you in a luxurious cocoon. Strap yourself in, focus on the horizon and turn the key…

Nothing… Observe the silence and depart in electrified opulence.

Welcome to SportLine Zero. A modern take on a classic look.

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What began as our dream can now be your reality – the order books are open. Even before the ink dried on our electric car brochure we began seeing enquiries from around the world, interested parties who had caught wind of the SportLine Zero project and wanted to be involved.

Electric Vehicles have now moved out of the shadows and firmly into the limelight, and as daily drivers, they are certainly here to stay. Many capital cities around the world are now increasing the restrictions on emissions, so why let that impact your classic car enjoyment?

At the time of writing there are 21 towns with low emissions zones, including London and Edinburgh. Worldwide the trend is increasing, with European cities embracing clean air zones and pushing petrol heads out of key cities. We don’t believe this should be the end of classic car enjoyment in these places, we believe it presents an opportunity to make the ultimate statement of style, sophistication and forward thinking.

As with our SportLine collaborations, a SportLine Zero project is a joint undertaking between SLSHOP and yourself. This is not an off the shelf product, this is a custom build, finished to your specification. Everything can be set to your exact requirements, from the finish of the cabin, to the paint and chrome, down to the way the car handles and accelerates. Choose from a range of standard SL or SportLine touches, the finest materials and set your own palette when it comes to colour.

It doesn’t just have to be an R107, either.

Picture the delicate lines of Paul Bracq’s Pagoda drifting silently along the lawn at your local Rotary Club show, electric motor humming along giving an air of dignity while packing more acceleration than even the 280SL ever managed.

Or the sweeping, curvaceous lines of that 1950s fashion icon, the 190SL. A timeless shape that’s stylistically future proof, freed from the shackles of its ancient four-cylinder engine and instead using electric power to bring beauty to the world?

We have the expertise and the know how to build your dream classic electric Mercedes-Benz, whether that’s an R107, a W113 Pagoda, a W121 190SL or something else. We have donor cars ready and waiting, the only limit is your imagination…

Should it be Nautic Blue, Classic White, Impala Brown or Icon Gold? Will you follow our lead on the subdued acceleration or would you like to be a bearer of traffic light surprises?

Whatever path you choose for your electric SL, we are excited to start working on your very own SportLine Zero.

Condition Synopsis:

Fully restored.

History File:

We advise interested parties to join us for a coffee to understand how this project materialised.  
  • Automatic
  • Astral Silver
  • Black Leather (271)
  • Petrol



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I have followed SLSHOP with interest for some years now and recently took the plunge and purchased my dream car – they did not disappoint!
The whole experience from start to finish was superb. Their communication was excellent and they kept me
informed every step of the way. Thank you and I look forward to my next purchase!

I have just purchased a 280SL from SLSHOP. I have already purchased several parts from SLSHOP and have found all members of staff most helpful and it is more like dealing with a club than a commercial enterprise I would highly recommend using SLSHOP for cars, parts and most importantly impartial advice.

They put up with my indecision, inexperience and last minute demands and my car is the best thing I’ve ever bought. The most impressive thing about them is the after care though. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they’ve given me the best advice to make sure I get the most out of my car. Can you tell I’m obsessed with them all?

This car as been marked as 'sold' and is no longer for sale.