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1987 Mercedes R107 500SL

United KingdomEnglandWallingford

Overview of this Mercedes

This example of the iconic and loved R107 with the thumping V8 engine has had over £25k spent in recent years with specialists such as SL Shop to preserve and maintain the car, ensuring the highest standard. In great mechanical condition, this car is a great opportunity to either own as is with great character and in usable condition or a great opportunity to have cosmetically lifted to concours condition. With some paintwork having already been completed on the car’s hard top, rear and front wings, the car is already on its way to being a really fantastic example!



Externally, the paintwork has a few defects. The car has had some new paintwork to the front wings and rear quarter where there were some rust spots and light damage which have all now been removed and restored to a very high standard. The car now presents very well externally. The paintwork was also recently detailed by The Master Detailer who prepares concours-winning cars for internationally renowned events such as Pebble Beach Concours and Salon Privé. He was able to get the shine and gloss back, removing many of any light stretches and marks in other areas.   There are some very light marks and scuffs to the front bumper and some stone chips as to be expected without having had a full restoration. The wheels have some marks on them, and the chrome has some marks as expected for a car of this age. The hardtop and front wings were recently resprayed and now look fantastic! The car has been well-loved and used being cherished and maintained regardless of cost. Mechanically the car is fantastic everything feels tight as you can expect, the car has had over £25,000 in the last few years to ensure this. As such you could rely on this car to get anywhere knowing it has been well looked after mechanically.   Internally the car’s MB-tex leather vinyl has held up very well considering the age and mileage, with only small areas of the interior that could be attended to depending on preference. The material was developed by Mercedes in the 1960s, as an alternative to leather it is very durable it manages to keep its softness without maintenance. The material while being very durable has seen some of the piping break away from the driver seat which can be repaired by the right specialist. The car has recently had some new carpets made for it, which lifts the interior to present very well. The dash does feature the usual cracks that these cars feature due to age, there is a mark where the previous owner attached a phone mount next to the radio which has caused some damage to the centre console and there is a small section of missing veneer near the key barrel which can be fixed easily. New parts are available and can be supplied and/or fitted in addition to the sale.


This example of the R107 500 SL has been enjoyed and loved by its current owner and there is a large paperwork folder full of invoices, including MOT certificates dating back to 2000. The car has been used as the owner's regular ‘daily’ car for the past 10 years and he has put around 6,000 miles on it in that time and spent more than £25,000 on the car in his ownership with specialists such as SL Shop, so you can rest assured this car has been looked after by the right people.   Mechanically the car has recently received the following:   SL SHOP approx - April 2021
  • 4 x new tyres and wheels refurbished
  • New front brake disks and pads
  • New front brake hoses
  • New brake fluid/brake fluid change
  • New low-pressure steering hoses
  • New NS Lower control arm
  TOTAL: £5,188   Notting Hill Garage - Sept 2018
  • Full service with new rear fuel pumps
  TOTAL: £1,289   Notting Hill Garage - July 2017
  • Full Service
  • Nearside front calliper replaced both front brake pads
  TOTAL: £1,142   Notting Hill Garage - October 2018
  • New top and lower suspension arms
  • New linkages
  • (Overhauled front suspension)
  • Welding and Rustproofing to nearside front jacking point
  • New gearbox oil seal
  • Full Service
  TOTAL: £6,445   Kensington Autocare - November 2020
  • Weld repair to rear roof scuttle, repaint cover panel, boot lid, and rear quarter panels. Offside front wing, Repair sun visors
  TOTAL: £3,384   Kensington Autocare - July 2021
  • Replace soft top front end seal, replace interior lamps, re-fix speaker cover in the dash
  TOTAL: £475   Kensington Autocare - May 2022
  • Remove the gearbox, replace the oil pump, and front seal kit, speedo clock out/ in repair
  • Weld repairs to inner and outer sills, underfloor, rear wheel arches inner
  TOTAL: £6,116   Kensington Autocare - July 2022  
  • Repair Offside Rear Quarter, repair boot springs
  TOTAL: £1,416   Straight 8 Paint - February 2023
  • Repaint both front wings, the hard top and the rear quarter as well as additional touch-ups.
Total: £1,000     TOTAL: £26,455 spent       It appears that the car had its odometer replaced in around 2009 as the MOT history and mileage shows us its mileage in 2009 was 152,508 miles and it currently shows just over 96,000 miles. I would therefore expect the genuine mileage to be in the region of 158,500 miles given the 6,000 miles it has done in that time.   Mechanically the car runs and drives beautifully without fault, just as you would expect for a well-maintained quality piece of German engineering from the 80s.   We invite you to see the car for yourselves and we believe that if you are looking for a well-loved classic Mercedes R107 in great mechanical condition and very usable condition. We look forward to hearing from you and showing you around the car.

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About The Mercedes

  • 158500
  • 1987
  • Automatic
  • Midnight Blue
  • Grey MB-Tex
  • Petrol

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