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1967 Mercedes-Benz W113 250 SL with Beige

Signal Red with Beige / 250 SL


Principal Facts:

1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SL ‘California’ Pagoda (W113)

95,312 miles

Signal Red with Beige Leather

(Fitted with period correct later 2.8 litre engine)

The Mercedes-Benz Pagoda was built from 1963 until 1971, spanning 8 years and three different engines. Introduced as a 2.3 litre 230SL, displacement was increased to 2.5 litres with the 250SL in 1966 and finally 2.8 litres with the arrival of the 280SL in 1967.

Of the three variants of W113 SL, the 250SL is the rarest. Just over 5,000 250SLs were produced worldwide compared to almost 20,000 230SLs and nearly 24,000 280SLs. The 250SL was built from 1966 to 1968, although only 17 were completed in 1966 and 2 in 1968. The remaining 5,177 were all built in 1967.

With the arrival of the 250SL in 1966 came the introduction of the California Coupe, the first Pagoda to do away with the soft top. The fold down bench seat made the California Coupe more practical as a functioning 2+2, giving Mercedes-Benz the ability to compete on practical terms with coupes from rival manufacturers.

As a UK 250SL California Coupe, the car shown here is very rare indeed. Of the 5,196 250SLs built, only 3,435 were destined for Europe. If it were possible to split that number down further into 250SLs delivered to the UK, and then distill it further again to ascertain how many RHD 250SL California cars were sold in England, the number would be the lowest of all Pagoda deliveries.

Ordered new in the United Kingdom, this rare car was first owned by a Mr Speek who covered an impressive 54,000 miles between 1968 and 1971. These busy first three years are fully documented in a green ‘BP Lubricants’ folder showing 13 visits to John Shrigley & Co in Poynton, Cheshire. 54,000 miles in three years in a 250SL might seem like an impressive feat as we write in 2021, but in the late 1960s there can’t have been many other cars in which 54,000 miles would be more enjoyable.

The fact that this is a UK car, purchased to be driven with intent makes this 250SL all the more interesting.

A detailed history file accompanies the car, along with MOT certificates as detailed below.

At some point between 1988 and 2001 the car was fitted with a later 2.8 litre M130 engine as fitted to both the Pagoda and Saloons from Mercedes-Benz. We can only assume that during the years when the Pagoda was at the bottom of it’s value curve, it was deemed uneconomical to repair the 2.5 litre engine so a good quality 2.8 litre was installed instead. From a driving point of view, this is beneficial to the Pagoda – this car now drives superbly.

This 2.8 litre engine has recently undergone a full rebuild as part of an improvement program prior to the car reaching our showroom.

Some £17,000 has been lavished on this 250SL in recent years, and we can attest that this car looks and drives beautifully.

What we have here is an incredibly rare car, built and prepared to be driven and ready to be enjoyed by an enthusiastic new owner.

Whether the new keeper can top the personal best of 54,000 miles three years as set by the first keeper is a challenge that remains to be vanquished!

Condition Synopsis:

This Mercedes-Benz has been hand-picked by SLSHOP’s sales team due to its high calibre status. Every inch of this vehicle’s exterior, interior and mechanicals have been inspected by SLSHOP’s workshops to ensure the vehicle meets our world leading standards. While every effort has been made to offer pristine vehicles, there will be some age-related marks, unless otherwise stated.

History File:

Service History Details: (Serviced by SLSHOP prior to arrival in our showroom)
30th April 2018 95,121 miles
7th February 2008 93,385 miles
25th July 2006 not stated
20th July 2004 90,689 miles
21st January 2002 90,491 miles
18th September 2001 89,896 miles
24th February 1988 not stated
3rd December 1971 57,041 miles
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
17th September 1971 54,040 miles
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
10th June 1971 not stated
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
8th April 1971 47,918 miles
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
22nd November 1970 44,850 miles
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
30th October 1970 41,875 miles
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
4th September 1970 38,850 miles
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
11th June 1970 not stated
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
13th March 1970 32,748 miles
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
28th November 1969 30,082 miles
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
9th September 1969 27,469 miles
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
26th June 1969 25,054 miles
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
6th December 1968 15,126 miles
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
26th July 1968 9,107 miles
BP Lubricants Book, Poynton
MOT Certificates on file and Corresponding Mileage:
2018 95,121
2017 94,997
2015 94,950
2014 94,866
2013 94,709
2012 94,483
2011 94,323
2009 94,017
2007 93,249
2006 93,175
2005 91,939
2004 90,689
2003 90,558
1998 87,684
1997 87,494
1993 87,484
1992 87,441
1991 86,525
1990 86,295
1989 86,117
1988 84,700
  • 95312
  • 1967
  • Manual
  • Signal Red
  • Beige
  • Petrol



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This car as been marked as 'sold' and is no longer for sale.