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2017 Mercedes Benz R107 500SL with Beige Leather (275)

Nautical Blue (929) with Beige Leather (275) / 500SL

Principal Facts:

This is one very special car that’s something akin to our magnum opus. A total SLSHOP Sportline build from scratch, this car started life as a South African supplied 1987 500SL but has since been transformed into our unique take on the ultimate driver’s R107, the Sportline S. 

 There’s very little on this SL that hasn’t been upgraded or massaged in some way or another, though the work carried out has been done with the deftest of touches. To look at, you’d be hard pressed to pull it out of a crowd of other standard R107s, though that’s the whole point; this car lets its performance do the talking… 

A 500SL with the performance and handling to equal or exceed a contemporary Porsche 911 was largely a dream back in the late 1980s. Unless you went to Affalterbach and spent a small fortune with AMG, there wasn’t really any chance of getting near to that German sports car benchmark.  

 We’ve changed all that with our Sportline upgrades, giving you the chance to enjoy the power and handling of a more focused driver’s car, without ruining the aesthetic charm or touring abilities intrinsic to the R107. With this Sportline S, you really can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Condition Synopsis:

Having been built by us, back in 2017, this SL remains looking and driving as new. There’s nothing that blemishes the exterior paintwork, its original Nautical Blue hue remaining resplendent. The chromework is just as good with a mirror-like finish throughout. The interior retains all the SLSHOP upgrades including the reprofiled leather steering wheel, with custom blue stitching, to match the exterior shade.   Seats have been treated to a Nappa leather recover on their flanks, while Alcantara provides essential non-slip centres, needed when you push this Sportline up an Alpine pass. Of equal use on the Col de Turini – or during an average British summertime – are the heated elements. Just like the rest of this Sportline S, the cabin has been subtly yet usefully upgraded for those who take driving a little more seriously. 

History File:

Unfortunately, since this car’s return to the UK from South Africa, its history has been lost. As it was essentially rebuilt in 2017 however, that’s no great loss. The car’s build, plus all its custom features, have been charted on our website. It was the first of our Sportline 500SL builds, so we proudly shown it off here 

SLSHOP Summary:

Before getting to the truly tasty bits, let’s cover what this car retains from the factory. As it was shipped to the RSA, the usual hot weather considerations have been installed; namely heat-insulating glass plus air-conditioning. There are rear seats too, if you happen to carry some small adrenaline seekers.   The engine in the standard 500SL wasn’t exactly lacking in grunt but we’ve upped the ante with this one, to the tune of 255bhp. 60mph arrives in a blistering 5.9 seconds thanks to a performance camshaft and ported and polished cylinder heads. Gasses get in and out of the engine more efficiently thanks to a free-flow performance air filter and a custom stainless-steel exhaust. To get more fuel to match that greater air-flow, we’ve revised the injection system to cope with larger M-B injectors. All these tweaks are managed by a stand-alone and mappable Omex ECU, allowing for infinite customisation.  
  • 13459
  • 2017
  • Manual
  • Nautical Blue (929)
  • Beige Leather (275)
  • Petrol
  • Not Exempt

Inspection Report

Report Synopsis: This Sportline has to be seen, heard and driven to be fully appreciated




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