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1997 Mercedes-Benz R129 SL60 AMG with Mushroom Leather (265)

Imperial Red (582) with Mushroom Leather (265) / SL60 AMG

Principal Facts:

A sleeper, and little known outside well-informed AMG aficionados, the SL60 AMG R129 is a pre-AMG Mercedes-Benz merger model that was built in tiny numbers for an elite audience for whom the best needed to be a little bit better, and faster. Powered by a 6.0-litre V8, this SL60 AMG was ordered new in 1996 and delivered to its first owner in Scotland in 1997, where its Imperial Red paint would have certainly brightened up even the greyest day.

It’s said just 49 SL60s were built in RHD, out of a total of around 633 examples, making these among the rarest AMG models ever built. Power was quoted at 381hp, that less than the V12 SL600 from Mercedes-Benz, though it’s rumoured that AMG understated that output to appease the soon-to-be mother company – amusingly, there’s a typo in the brochure accompanying this car, which states the V8 produces just 281hp. This car has covered a few hundred miles shy of 29,000 miles since it was delivered in ’97, the majority of those while in the ownership of its first custodian. A rare car, that’s increasingly being sought by collectors, the SL60 AMG isn’t just a fantastic car to drive, but a historically significant model in Mercedes-Benz and AMG history.

Condition Synopsis:

Cars of this calibre, and price are bought by the sort of people who are typically cash rich but time poor, meaning it’s been used infrequently, but maintained regardless of cost. Its condition is much as it would have been when it rolled out of AMG’s Affalterbach plant, where it would have been carefully hand assembled by technicians. Really, it’s just a set of new tyres away from near perfect (always wise, but even more so when dealing with this car’s output), that and only obsessive detailing inside and out to have it present at its very, very best – we’re talking concours levels here.

History File:

Coming with its original service book, which shows that its first owner enjoyed it in its early years, adding the majority of the miles shown on the odometer within five years. It’s been used sparingly since but maintained as it should be, its condition underlining that. The history file contains the original paperwork from AMG, as well as some period paperwork like an AMG brochure from the time – itself certain to be collectable. Decoding the VIN underlines this is a proper, new ordered SL60, opposed to a car that’s been converted, with it having tell-tale codes of 957 – AMG Engineering Package, 774 – Shell Modification for AMG Wheels (these 18-inch split-rim alloys) among its build specification. Collected from the factory by the first owner, and rumoured to be de-restricted (untested!), this car comes with a panoramic hard top along with ADS Suspension, this is an extremely well specified SL60 AMG.

SLSHOP Summary:

The SL60 is a rarefied model in the R129 range, hailing from a time when AMG was independent from Mercedes-Benz and only known to a select audience who appreciated the company’s not insignificant engineering ability. Taking the already capable SL and turning it into a car that could rival its contemporary sports and supercars – with a 0-62mph time of 5.6 seconds and a top speed electronically limited to 155mph – AMG also modified the chassis to cope with its ample power. For all its poise and performance it remains as understated and elegant as any R129 SL, making it a stealthy, capable all-rounder for those who appreciate the best. A collectable, desirable model that’s rare and increasingly appreciated by those who understand both its historical significance as well as its potential, this near perfect example is certain to find a new home very soon.
  • 28838
  • 1997
  • Automatic
  • Imperial Red (582)
  • Mushroom Leather (265)
  • Petrol
  • Not Exempt

Inspection Report

Report Synopsis: An investment-grade example of one of the rarest AMG models




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