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1988 Mercedes-Benz R107 420SL with Beige Leather (275)

Impala Brown (441) with Beige Leather (275) / 420SL

Principal Facts:

When it was ordered back in 1988 the first owner of this 420 SL selected a combination of colour, engine and options that’s as desirable today as it was back then. The Impala metallic paint isn’t a colour we see here often, but it looks sensational in the sun with the roof down. That fabric roof is dark brown, while the interior is covered in beige leather, with the hardtop also coming with the car. Being a 420 SL it’s got a V8 under its bonnet, and helping it put down its power is a limited-slip differential, with other equipment including cruise control and an outside temperature gauge. Since it was first ordered it’s passed through a number of owners, adding just over 64,000 miles to its odometer, and it’s been looked after and serviced regularly.

Condition Synopsis:

This 420 SL is in fine condition throughout, with its previous owners having clearly taken care of it during its 36 years of use. The bodywork is all straight, as are the chrome trim pieces, but there’s some evidence of previous work to the paint, and a tiny area where it’ll need attention on the top of the front wing – nothing a good bodyshop couldn’t sort quickly and relatively inexpensively. The brown hood is in good condition, as is the hardtop, while the interior they cover is also in good overall condition, though a deep wash and leather treatment would improve it further still. There’s an aftermarket stereo head unit (with a CD player) as well as a couple of speakers visible in the rear seat area, which we’d recommend replacing with something more in keeping with this car’s era. We’d also take it straight to the tyre fitters and have those changed, as, while there’s plenty of tread, they’re older than ten years now. When doing so we’d have the wheels refurbished to have them looking their best. Overall, it’s in good condition, and with a bit of easy work it’ll be very good to excellent.

History File:

There’s plenty of paperwork as evidence to money spent and careful ownership, those receipts joined by a service booklet that’s got plenty stamps from Mercedes-Benz dealers and specialists. There’s a folder full of MOTs to verify the mileage, and things like magazines and letters that demonstrate that at least one, if not all, the owners have been enthusiasts. Last year the car was treated to a full service, and more recently we have completed work such as subframe bushes, a new alternator belt and replacement propshaft coupling.

SLSHOP Summary:

The 420 SL is a fine entry point to V8 SL motoring, and this example drives as well as it looks. In good condition throughout, it’s a few small jobs away from being very good, though as it stands it’s certainly ready to be driven away and enjoyed for the summer and beyond. We’d suggest changing the tyres before doing so, and replacing the stereo in time, though with the sun your back and the enjoyable, rousing sound of that V8 under its bonnet this a desirable car in a very appealing colour combination that can be enjoyed straight away.
  • 64325
  • 1988
  • Automatic
  • Impala Brown (441)
  • Beige Leather (275)
  • Petrol
  • Not Exempt

Inspection Report

Report Synopsis: Ready to be enjoyed straight away, but some minor revisions will make this a truly superb quality SL




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