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1987 Mercedes-Benz R107 500SL with Beige Leather (275)

Nautical Blue (929) with Beige Leather (275) / 500SL

Principal Facts:

Mercedes-Benz launched the range-topping 500SL as part of the update the model line was given at the beginning of the 1980s. By then the R107 was nearly a decade old, but it was far from done. It stayed around for nine more years, helping its makers achieve some extremely respectable sales numbers. And the headline numbers for the 500SL put it on a pedestal, as the range-topping (for most markets) V8-engined grand tourer. In the final iteration, the 500SL’s M117 V8 was rated to develop around 250 PS (or 242 bhp, to be exact) and just under 300 lb-ft. Available with a V8 all its life (alongside the straight-six), the R107 didn’t transform with the 500SL’s arrival, it just became a better version of the brilliant car it already was.

Over four decades after the 500SL’s launch, its relevance as a classic has only strengthened. Today, finding a solid R107 SL isn’t impossible, thanks to the 230k+ production run (including the SLC), but with just over 11,000 units made of the 500SL, it’s certainly a rarer — and more cherished — iteration. For those looking to experience the torque-rich V8 engine, in a package that’s hard to fault in terms of charisma, overall pace, and even collectable appeal, a well-maintained, late-model R107 500SL is now available at The SLSHOP.

This 1987 example has five former keepers and under 122,000 miles on the clock. There’s a hefty history file, complete with a stamped service book, detailed invoices, MoT certificates, etc. To get a better idea of the car, we’d suggest you have a look at the results of our thorough inspection, including a road test.

Condition Synopsis:

The brilliance of the blue paintwork is overpowering, and the overall great condition of the interior is hard to ignore, but the reality is both these are reflective of what's underneath. Mechanically sound and devoid of any major damage, the SL is a good amalgamation of impressive bodywork and a wear-free interior. Some parts need to be replaced: the tyres for instance are old, and things like prop shaft couplings, suspension bushes, etc. require attention, too. As you'd be able to see in the report, the power steering box shows signs of leaks while the exhaust backbox has corrosion, among other slight deviations from the ideal condition. The latest MoT result highlights some of these as advisories.

History File:

This Mercedes-Benz 500SL was first registered in August 1987, and it's one of the late-model cars that came out towards the end of the R107's run, just before the arrival of the R129 SL about two years later. It comes with a stamped service book; the first inspection was in 1987 whereas the final stamp is for a service in 2012 at 77k miles. The log for further maintenance has been preserved through invoices, and it's evident that the car has received periodic care. The latest service was done earlier this year, in March, followed by some checkups to find out if there are any rust holes or water ingress — you'd be glad to learn that neither was present.

SLSHOP Summary:

The 500SL is presented in a likeable condition, and the accompanying history file brings some added assurance. While it requires some parts to be replaced, the car is healthy and without any major faults. Being a later model, it certainly looks more contemporary without losing out on the prerequisite coolness of classic cars. With the additional hard top included (and the spare wheel, too), it appears to be ready to add to the current mileage, regardless of the season or driving conditions. And as soon as traffic clears up, all it'll need is a tap on the accelerator to further its V8-propelled impetus. There's no escaping the 500SL's charm — or the M117's power delivery.

  • 121367
  • 1987
  • Automatic
  • Nautical Blue (929)
  • Beige Leather (275)
  • Petrol
  • Not Exempt

Inspection Report

Report Synopsis: Ready to be enjoyed straight away, but some investment in the right areas will lift this car significantly




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