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1986 Mercedes-Benz R107 420SL with Beige Check (075)

Signal Red (568) with Beige Check (075) / 420SL

Principal Facts:

A well-preserved car with low mileage, a detailed history, and in a condition that will make people stop in their tracks to take notice — that’s this 1986 Mercedes-Benz 420SL for you. The rarest of series production models, the 420SL was just about 1 per cent of the total volume that Mercedes-Benz shifted over 18 years. Is that the complete reason why this car is special? Only partially, the other reason is of course that by the time the 420SL was launched (following the 1985 facelift), the R107 was probably in its most refined state. It’s fair to say that the R107 420SL is a great combination, sat between the straight-six engined (and much appreciated) 300SL and the more powerful 500. The best of both worlds? You bet!

The wonderful thing about the R107 SL’s long tenure is the car was around for so long that the earliest of its buyers would have a very different worldview in comparison to a later customer. The only constant was that the R107 was quite apt for the time, regardless of the decade one walked into a Mercedes-Benz dealer to buy one. So much so that even now, more than five decades after the R107 originally appeared, it looks just right. A veritable classic now, the SL is a car that can and must be enjoyed regularly, as many of SLSHOP customers would be able to verify.

Condition Synopsis:

Having covered only 66k miles in more than three and a half decades, this R107's overall condition is reflective of that. According to the supplied documents and MoT data, it has been sparingly used since the late noughties. On the outside, its Signal Red paint is presented in a nearly spot-free condition. Apart from some tiny marks, there's no damage to the bodywork, the flat-face wheels look pristine, and it gives a great impression, on the whole. That's something carried on with the interior; the cabin, too, leaves a lasting impression. In comparison to the exterior, the handful of irregularities are only slightly more noticeable inside. It still doesn't give away its age, because the wear is strictly limited. The fresh-looking dashboard is complemented by fairly good-looking seats, clean door cards, etc. The nearside door scuff cover will require some attention, and the dashboard has a minute crack on one of the vents (visible through the windscreen). There is no visible sign of rust and the soft top is clean, a few marks aside. The hard top is supplied with the car and looks to be in great shape. In addition to some spares and tools, this 420SL is accompanied by a full-sized spare wheel, although it must be noted that it's still on an older tyre and the wheel doesn't look as clean as the four on the car.

History File:

The Mercedes-Benz 420SL (R107) was available for a short period between 1986 and 1989. During the period, the carmaker produced just over 2,000 units of the 420SL. This particular example is a 1986-registered 420SL, driven for just 66,000 miles. Not only meticulously maintained (more on its condition below) but also equally well-documented, the car comes with its original paperwork like manuals, previous invoices, MoT certificates, and a detailed service history. It had its first service/inspection in Jersey at 636 miles in January 1987. The latest service, according to the service records, was carried out in 2021 at 65,831 miles, in Norfolk, while the majority of its early maintenance appears to have been done in Jersey. Currently SORN-ed, the last MoT was in 2021. The attached invoices also highlight various levels of upkeep including part replacement. In 2017, D390 JHY got all four new tyres (Bridgestone). Among its major repair works are an extensive check and overhaul in 2017, attention to the exhaust manifold in 2019, and the inclusion of new subframe bushes in 2021.

SLSHOP Summary:

For many, the R107 is a timeless car: it has all the makings of a classic but without compromising on the ease of use. Later cars, more refined and definitely with a more modern appearance, are even better in terms of usability. Owing to its limited production, the 420SL is rarer than other models, but it's not just rarity that sets this car apart. That, for this V8-engined car, would be its likeable condition (resplendent exterior and clean interior), low mileage, and a detailed service history. While no time capsule, it does look tempting, doesn't it?
  • 66085
  • 1986
  • Automatic
  • Signal Red (568)
  • Beige Check (075)
  • Petrol
  • Not Exempt

Inspection Report

Report Synopsis: Ready to be enjoyed straight away, but some minor revisions will make this a truly superb quality SL




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