This car as been marked as 'sold' and is no longer for sale.

1972 Mercedes-Benz R107 350 SL #2193

Beige Metallic (462) with Bamboo MB Tex / 350 SL


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Overview of this Mercedes-Benz

1972 Mercedes-Benz 350SL (R107)

Beige Metallic (462) with Contrasting Bamboo MB Tex Interior (167) with
Beige Metallic Hardtop (462) and Dark Brown Fabric Soft Top (8023)

55,874 miles

Built from 1971 until 1989, the Mercedes-Benz R107 achieved an impressive 18 year production run. With only minor cosmetic changes during this almost two-decade span, it has always been the later (post 1986) cars that have enjoyed the lions share of the market.

In recent years we have seen a shift in demand. As the Pagoda has grown in financial stature, buyers searching for that more classic look are seeking out good examples of early R107s. With their narrower track, more traditional, simpler styling and delightfully basic interiors, these early cars have developed a following amongst buyers and it’s a following that they rightfully deserve.

After decades languishing in the shadows behind the younger, 86 to 89 siblings, early cars have gotten incredibly hard to find in good condition. As tastes have changed through the decades, the bright yellow, orange and green hues that were so popular in the 1970s have all but disappeared. When a good quality, early R107 arrives in the showroom in a splendid original colour, it really does stand apart from the usual suspects for which SLSHOP are well known.

This beautiful 1972 Mercedes-Benz 350SL is notable in that it is not finished in Signal Red, Classic White or any shade of blue… it is instead resplendent in it’s factory correct Beige Metallic with matching painted hub caps. Being a 1972 this is a very early R107 and not something that we come across every day.

The retro colour scheme continues fourfold inside, with the wonderful and very rare Contrasting Bamboo MB Tex interior. Noted for the lack of headrests, this is a car that looks and feels quite different to the late model R107s to which we have all become accustomed.

Offering a slice of 1960s or early 1970s style for a fraction of the price of an entry level Pagoda, this beautiful and rare early car is sure to be a head turner at any classic car show or restaurant car park to which you might happen to take it. It doesn’t even have headrests – these would have been a cost option.

Present with this car is the original, tan coloured plastic wallet complete with manuals and service book, detailing service work undertaken by just two main dealers on the Channel Islands for the majority of it’s life. More recently the car has had more than £8,000 lavished upon it to prepare it for our showroom, including the all important timing chain check, work to replace the steering pump, brake hoses, exhaust pipe and a plethora of other improvements. It was given a service just before being photographed for the showroom.

A fine looking car, the like of which we aren’t likely to see again. Park yourself on the fine two-tone Bamboo interior with your favourite pair of sunglasses and enjoy a very unique, early R107 SL.


This Mercedes-Benz has been hand-picked by SLSHOP’s sales team due to its high calibre status. Every inch of this vehicle’s exterior, interior and mechanicals have been inspected by SLSHOP’s workshops to ensure the vehicle meets our world leading standards. While every effort has been made to offer pristine vehicles, there will be some age-related marks, unless otherwise stated.


 7th June 1972  674 miles  Jacksons Garage Jersey
 10th March 1976  3,387 miles  Jacksons Garage Jersey
 26th April 1978  5,163 miles  Jacksons Garage Jersey
 17th October 1979  7,243 miles  Jacksons Garage Jersey
 3rd June 1980  7,651 miles  Jacksons Garage Jersey
 21st November 1986  11,974 miles  Jacksons Garage Jersey
 4th August 1987  16,422 miles  Jacksons Garage Jersey
 2nd February 1988  20,203 miles  Jacksons Garage Jersey
 18th May 1988  22,262 miles  Jacksons Garage Jersey
 19th January 1989  26,408 miles  Jacksons Garage Jersey
 4th September 1989  28,584 miles  Jacksons Garage Jersey
 2nd February 1990  33,019 miles  Falles Jersey
 4th October 1990  36,205 miles  Falles Jersey
 11th November 1991  38,411 miles  Falles Jersey
 11th October 1993  42,913 miles  Falles Jersey
 11th June 1996  44,009 miles  Falles Jersey
 27th July 1998  46,500 miles  Falles Jersey
 2nd April 2015 51,848 miles  (Illegible)

Optional Extras:

Beige Metallic (462) Contrasting Bamboo MB Tex Interior (167) Beige Metallic Hardtop (462) Dark Brown Fabric Soft Top (8023)

55,874 miles No headrests Very early metal gate gear shift Both outside mirrors Body coloured painted hub caps Very original


About The Mercedes-Benz

  • 55830
  • 1972
  • Manual
  • Beige Metallic (462)
  • Bamboo MB Tex
  • Petrol

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This car as been marked as 'sold' and is no longer for sale.