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1970 Mercedes-Benz W113 280 SL with Parchment

Medium Blue Metallic with Parchment / 280 SL


Principal Facts:

Medium Blue Metallic (396) with Parchment Leather (145) and
Medium Blue Metallic Hardtop (396) and Dark Blue Soft Top Fabric (744)

An inimitable example of a manual 280 SL restored to perfection for SLSHOP, making it one of the very best cars to grace our showroom. Ready to be used and enjoyed, the cabin is a superb place to reside and we can confirm this Pagoda is ready to be driven with enthusiasm and confidence, thanks to SLSHOP’s Pagoda perfection routine. 

With the 60th anniversary of the W113 Pagoda rapidly approaching and values exceeding previously recorded amounts, we are excited to bring to market this highly revered 280 SL restored exclusively for SLSHOP. This 280 SL is one of several of the later Pagoda variants to move rapidly through our Showroom, with several recent examples going on to an array of continents.

About this 280 SL:

Originally registered in New Jersey, this would have been one of the final production Pagoda’s to leave the factory and unusually with a manual gearbox. The vehicle was finished in the same Medium Blue Metallic (396) you see pictured, but with a Blue leather interior. Over the following forty years, the vehicle would pass through the hands of a very small number of owners, during which time the exterior and interior were altered to Silver coachwork and Black leather. It wasn’t until 2020, that the vehicle would be returned to its former glory at the hands of Europe’s finest craftsmen.

A true reincarnation:

Completely stripped down to bare metal, the body work and chassis have been revived using the correct tooling and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring all structural elements are to original and exact factory specifications. Replacement panels have been used where required, with panel gaps better than new and consistent all around. This is followed up with rust protection before layers upon layers of Medium Blue (396) have been applied by hand (not robots), ensuring every inch and crevice has been tended to. All replacement components have been supplied by SLSHOP and are either genuine Mercedes-Benz parts or high-quality premium reproduction equivalents.

Parallel to this process was a complete engine rebuild process, starting with a compression and leak back test to completely understand the state of the engine. The results deemed that the whole engine should be stripped, with new seals, valves and guides as well as extensive work carried out to the camshaft, crankshaft and more. The details are too vast to list here.

Inside this time-machine:

Inside, the entire interior was reconfigured from scratch with new seat structures, rails, and chrome fixtures. Similarly, the dashboard and dials were replaced where necessary, and chrome restored to give the sixties shine. The owner who commissioned the restoration opted for Parchment Leather (145), trimmed to the exact measurements outlined by Mercedes-Benz. As you can see there are little signs of wear, given that this Pagoda was part of a collection of cars restored by the owner. They now wish to part with the vehicle and see it enjoyed by a similarly passionate enthusiast.

SLSHOP’s Pagoda Setup Program:

A key element to Pagoda ownership is enjoyment. Like all vehicles restored for or by SLSHOP, this Pagoda has gone through our Pagoda Setup Program, with our craftsmen ensuring the fuel pressures and injection systems are optimised for on the button starts in all temperatures. Similarly, the ride has been adjusted to give the refined grand tourer glide, but with a firmness that enables spirited cornering when desired. The manual gearbox has been put through its paces to ensure smooth gear-changes, with the transmission inspected and signed-off by our in-house gearbox experts.

This Pagoda is the one of very few of this calibre, returned to a ‘better than new’ standard and configured in one of the most sought after colour-schemes. The exterior and interior work in tandem to give driver and onlookers a sense of nostalgia and pride – the latter being the knowledge that a piece of history is being preserved and enjoyed.

As with all our restored and original Pagodas, a bundle of documentation is available to view upon request, with imagery of the restoration included and details of how we’ve transformed this vehicle into a world-leading example.

We invite interested parties to test drive this 280 SL immediately as we are certain that it will not stick around. Please don’t hesitate to request a video consultation.

  • 130
  • 1970
  • Manual
  • Medium Blue Metallic
  • Parchment
  • Petrol
  • Not Exempt



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I have followed SLSHOP with interest for some years now and recently took the plunge and purchased my dream car – they did not disappoint!
The whole experience from start to finish was superb. Their communication was excellent and they kept me
informed every step of the way. Thank you and I look forward to my next purchase!

I have just purchased a 280SL from SLSHOP. I have already purchased several parts from SLSHOP and have found all members of staff most helpful and it is more like dealing with a club than a commercial enterprise I would highly recommend using SLSHOP for cars, parts and most importantly impartial advice.

They put up with my indecision, inexperience and last minute demands and my car is the best thing I’ve ever bought. The most impressive thing about them is the after care though. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they’ve given me the best advice to make sure I get the most out of my car. Can you tell I’m obsessed with them all?

This car as been marked as 'sold' and is no longer for sale.