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1970 Mercedes-Benz W113 280SL with Brown Leather

Light Beige (670) with Brown Leather / 280SL

Principal Facts:

A 1970, 280 SL Pagoda, which was first delivered to its owner in California, USA. Having spent much of its life in ‘dry’ states in the USA, before being imported to Europe in 2008, where it would spend some time smartening up the streets around Nice, France, then ending up in Paris before coming to the UK in December 2012 – being registered by the DVLA in February 2013. A late model car, it’s been used, but it’s also been cared for, with an extensive history file outlining its life, maintenance and repair throughout its 54 years of existence, this fine example’s well-travelled but well-documented and looks fantastic.

Condition Synopsis:

The odometer says nearly 56,000 miles, but a look through the history outlines there should be a 1 in front of that. Not that it matters, because this car looks every bit like it’s done less than the odometer’s mileage, such is its fine condition. Likely because the current owner (for the last 12 years) has ensured that this Pagoda has only seen dry roads. The ‘Light Beige’ paint is in superb fettle, with only the tiniest scuff on the driver’s (left-hand-drive here) side rear wheel arch, otherwise the bodywork is blemish free, with the chrome deep and lustrous, too. The interior features conker-coloured leather and wood, this not being the trim it left the factory with, but looks superb, working beautifully in combination with the exterior paint. It’s all very presentable, this a 280 SL that’s lived a life, but a charmed one…

History File:

There’s little we like more than a file full of plastic folders with a forest-worth of paperwork contained within them, and that’s what we’ve got here. Someone’s spent a great deal of time, and a fair bit of money at the stationary shop, to provide exactly that, with this car’s paperwork presenting as nicely as the car itself. What you’ll find in among it is everything from the old USA title docs, details of previous sales and the correspondence relating to them, old MOTs, as well as masses of receipts outlining its care and maintenance. There’s details of the A/C this car comes with, reference to some engine work and its neat conversion from US to European spec – replacing necessary lights and removing heavy, performance sapping US emissions kit – as well as notes highlighting its paintwork is in such fine condition due to a bare metal respray (in Europe) a little over a decade ago. Throw in nice touches like the map of original MB dealers in the USA, as well as the original handbooks – these often lost – and it’s clear this car’s been looked after for its entire life.

SLSHOP Summary:

California, Nice, Paris, this 280 SL’s history reads like the addresses of a Hollywood celeb, and, really, it’d be a fitting companion for one. The Light Beige paint looks great, working beautifully with that tastefully re-trimmed leather interior, the files accompanying this car not just highlighting its well-stamped passport, but pampering – with ample paperwork outlining its care. It comes with its hardtop, and is ready to add another 54 years of enjoyment for its next, and subsequent owners.
  • 55983
  • 1970
  • Automatic
  • Light Beige (670)
  • Brown Leather
  • Petrol
  • Exempt

Inspection Report

Report Synopsis: This Pagoda is ready to be enjoyed, but some routine age-related maintenance would lift the car further




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I have followed SLSHOP with interest for some years now and recently took the plunge and purchased my dream car – they did not disappoint!
The whole experience from start to finish was superb. Their communication was excellent and they kept me
informed every step of the way. Thank you and I look forward to my next purchase!

I have just purchased a 280SL from SLSHOP. I have already purchased several parts from SLSHOP and have found all members of staff most helpful and it is more like dealing with a club than a commercial enterprise I would highly recommend using SLSHOP for cars, parts and most importantly impartial advice.

They put up with my indecision, inexperience and last minute demands and my car is the best thing I’ve ever bought. The most impressive thing about them is the after care though. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they’ve given me the best advice to make sure I get the most out of my car. Can you tell I’m obsessed with them all?