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1969 Mercedes Benz W113 280SL with Black Leather (241)

Silver Grey (180) with Black Leather (241) / 280SL

Principal Facts:

This exceptional 280SL has been an SLSHOP regular for many years. Before we first came to know it, and its lovely owner Tim, the car underwent some pretty substantial restoration work elsewhere.

Since first gracing our premises in 2017, this 280’s been put on a course of consistent improvement, elevating it from a well-cared for and properly maintained Pagoda to a show stopper. The time, care and expense to make this happen has been considerable, but surely the results speak for themselves…

A Pagoda this good really has to be seen in the metal to be fully appreciated. The history is a week’s reading alone, which is of course deeply reassuring. The money spent recently, on top of the cars metalwork and paint, really has pushed it into the top tier. It’s the ideal car to get in and put some miles on, without worry.

Condition Synopsis:

We’ll get to the expenditure shortly, but suffice it to say, there’s been a lot of cash and care directed at this Pagoda recently. It was painted back in 2017 and still looks exceptional. There’s a tiny stone chip to the nearside of the nose panel, but nothing more heinous elsewhere breaks the flawless finish. The wheels look great with a matching set of Vredestein Sport Classic tyres providing ample grip. Under the bonnet, you’re greeted by a gleaming engine with equally impressive looking ancillaries. Plenty of zinc plating has been used to keep things rust-proof and gleaming for years to come. We spotted a later oil filler cap on the rocker cover, but it’s at least a Mercedes-Benz item.

History File:

There’s a deep pile of invoices within this car’s history file, going back to the early 1980s. Tens of thousands were spent during this period keeping the car fit and healthy. It was a bit of a dark age for classic cars as so many choose to swap them for new and exciting German performance machinery. Plenty were either neglected or given a cheap blow over, thankfully this Pagoda avoided both. Brian Quirk Motors in Surrey was trusted to maintain the car for decades and seemingly did a fine job. More recently, Avantgarde Classic Limited carried out a hefty amount of refurbishment work, just before the car came to us in 2017. It stripped the vehicle back to bare metal, replacing the floors – including the boot – plus removing the front wings and repairing the inners. It also added the updated Europa stereo with MP3 connectivity that’s still found in the car today. Its attention was then focussed on the cabin, putting in new carpets, headlining, seatbelts and door cards, along with adding new wood trim throughout. Since then, more than £30k has been spent on improving this pampered Pagoda at SLSHOP. There’s far too much to cover here but it’s all on file and we’re happy to provide photos of the work if required.  

SLSHOP Summary:

The cabin of this W113 exhibits the quality and style that are somewhat trademarks of the model. Luxurious carpet and wood vie for your attention amid the large chrome-ringed glamour of the dials. The period Becker Europa stereo fits right in, of course, but this one’s hiding secret MP3 functionality.
  • 147331
  • 1969
  • Automatic
  • Silver Grey (180)
  • Black Leather (241)
  • Petrol
  • Exempt

Inspection Report

Report Synopsis: A fine example of the 280SL Pagoda




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I have followed SLSHOP with interest for some years now and recently took the plunge and purchased my dream car – they did not disappoint!
The whole experience from start to finish was superb. Their communication was excellent and they kept me
informed every step of the way. Thank you and I look forward to my next purchase!

I have just purchased a 280SL from SLSHOP. I have already purchased several parts from SLSHOP and have found all members of staff most helpful and it is more like dealing with a club than a commercial enterprise I would highly recommend using SLSHOP for cars, parts and most importantly impartial advice.

They put up with my indecision, inexperience and last minute demands and my car is the best thing I’ve ever bought. The most impressive thing about them is the after care though. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they’ve given me the best advice to make sure I get the most out of my car. Can you tell I’m obsessed with them all?