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Although the R107 SL was superbly engineered, we always knew the platform was capable of more. Customers were looking to make the car drive, respond and brake in line with modern performance standards. With this in mind, we started the SportLine project.

Using the 300SL as a base, we lightened the crank and flywheel, ported and polished the cylinder head, installed a performance camshaft and replaced the ignition and fuelling with modern components. Our team wasalso able to shorten the throttle linkage, which transforms the way the three-litresix-cylinder responds through the gears. With a custom exhaust and manifold, the 300SL SportLine produces 255bhp, which ismore than a factory standard 500SL.

The car now drives and handles unlike any other R107 SL. It’s lively, it’s agile, and it wants to be driven. For drivers looking for the enjoyment of a classic car without compromising on performance, the SportLine is the perfect solution. If you’re looking for the best handling, most responsive and most rewarding 107 SL you’ve ever experienced, then the SportLine is for you!

A full custom stainless steel exhaust has a subtle rumble. The way the SportLine sings through the gears is entirely addictive.
From the Nappa and Alcantara seats to the Dark Pepperwood finish, SportLine has an air of class that SL owners have come to love... with a modern and sporty twist.
The handsome lines of the 107SL remain distinct and subtle. Only discreet badges on the wings and deck lid give the game away.
Using a limited-slip differential offers more traction and better power delivery through the rear wheels, making the SportLine the driver's choice when it comes to SL ownership. Uprated vented and grooved brakes keep everything in check
The Mercedes- Benz 5-Speed manual gearbox combines with the wonderful six-cylinder straight six to give a 0-60 time of less than six seconds
Wider, lighter and larger than the originals; the 7J offset alloy wheels combine with performance tyres to give the SportLine it's road holding and poise.
The SportLine Chassis is the work of motorsport experts and The SL Shop team, making the car lively and responsive whilst remaining composed and refined.
A multitude of subtle changes see power creep above 250bhp, with modern injection and improved throttle response

By making changes to the fuelling and breathing of the engine, we've transformed the way it puts the power through the rear wheels, having a major impact on the driving experience

The Handling
• Adjustable progressive springs and bespoke dampers, tuned to the weight and feel of the car
• Bespoke anti-roll bar
• Aluminium rear trailing arms with anti-squat links
• Stronger, uprated suspension bushes
• Performance discs, vented and grooved for effective cooling
• Performance brake pads
• Limited-slip differential for improved traction and acceleration
• Full professional geometry set-up

The Performance
• Lightened and balanced flywheel and crank
• Revised injection system (featuring larger Mercedes-Benz injectors)
• Distribution Pack replacd with modern ignition coil pack for a more precise spark and better throttle response
• Mapped ignition via Omex ECU
• Free-flow performance air filter
• Re-engineered throttle linkage for better pedal response
• Performance camshaft with revised cam profile, tuned for torque
• Ported and polished head for better breathing
• Bespoke stainless steel exhaust system
• Mercedes-Benz 5 speed manual gearbox

The Interior
• Reprofiled sports steering wheel for greater control and better feel
• Hand stitched dashboard, steering wheel, gear knob and gear lever gaiter
• Interior SportLine badging
• Dash mounted fuel/air mix gauge
• High gloss dark pepper wood finish
• Seat Heating
• Period style Nappa leather with Alcantara centres, pleated and double stitched
• Upgraded Becker Hi-Fi audio system with Bluetooth technology