Car Sales Terms & Conditions

Any deposit money given is non refundable.

Due to the age and condition of our vehicles, they are sold with a warranty only as set out within the SL shop Warranty document that is assigned to this vehicle and that from the moment collection or delivery is completed and receipt signed by both parties the Vendor shall have no further responsibilities or obligations in respect of the vehicle. Vehicles are sold as seen and inspected by the buyers and or their agents and it is the responsibility of the buyer or agent by examination prior to the completion of sale to satisfy themselves as to the condition; safety and general roadworthiness of the vehicle. The SL shop does not warrant any milometer reading unless expressly stated in the car’s description.

The description of any vehicle offered both written and verbal, gives a general guideline as to the perceived condition of the vehicle by the vendor and is not and should not be considered as a complete or binding description as to the vehicles suitability or perported fitness for purpose. The buyer must assess for themselves the suitability of the vehicle for their intended purpose by means of either a third party or their own inspection.

Vehicles sold will have been MoT’d and serviced prior to sale (unless the purchaser has agreed or asked for it not to be). At point of sale there are no known major faults. Due to the age and mileage of all the cars we sell there are minor faults and these will continue to be apparent with further miles/months owned.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check their goods thoroughly on delivery, as any transit shortages or damage claims will not be considered after a period of 24hours. You must make The SL Shop aware of such issues which will be dealt with accordingly. It is the customer’s liability to check that the correct quantity is supplied and that nothing is damaged.

Any parts returned under warranty will undergo extensive testing, and should the part be found to be fault, it will either be replaced or repaired. In the situation where the part needs to be sent to our supplier, the testing process may take longer than expected and we will be unable to offer a replacement until we have confirmation of the problem.
Please note that The SL Shop will not be liable for any costs incurred due to incorrectly supplied or faulty goods.

Should incorrect goods be supplied by The SL Shop, they will be replaced by the correct part where possible. We do however, reserve the right to replace any items with an alternative of a similar quality and suitable for the intended purpose of the original item purchased.

Any returned item that has been supplied correctly by The SL Shop may be subject to a 20% re-stocking fee.

The SL Shop will not refund any products returned more than 6 months after the date of the original invoice.

Special order items will not be considered for a refund if they were correctly supplied by The SL Shop.

In order to qualify for a refund, exchange, repair or credit you must notify us of a refund request in writing which should include your name, address, invoice number and reason for the refund request. If we are unable to identify who the parts are from or to what invoice they relate to, it is impossible to refund money or find a reasonable alternative.

Any items returned for credit, due to them no longer being required, should be sent back in their original unsoiled packaging and suitable for re-sale. All items will undergo inspection and should The SL Shop find any damages or defects on the returned goods, they will not be considered for a credit.

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