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Storage Details

Storage Details

Collection and Delivery

We offer professional, discreet collection and delivery of your car using our fully insured, covered car transporter. For customers delivering cars in person, our location has easy access to train stations and airports for links nationwide.


The SL Shop classic car storage is fully insured for the movement and storage of any car within our care. Our team have extensive experience dealing with high value vehicles, and will treat your classic with the utmost care and respect.

Storing your classic car with The SL Shop:

Once your car arrives at our facility, it will be taken through our comprehensive induction process.

Condition Report

Our team will photograph your car inside and out, recording the mileage, fluid levels (oil, antifreeze, screen wash) tyre tread depths and battery condition. This gives us a comprehensive stock check on the condition of the vehicle on the day it is inducted into our facility.

Preparation for storage

Once the checks are complete, your car will have a pre-storage wash and dry to remove any contaminants and residues that may affect the paintwork whilst the car is with us.

The alloy wheels are cleaned and detailed using specialist cleaning solutions to remove and road dirt and brake dust from hard to reach places. A dressing of rubber preserver is applied to the tyres, which are then increased to 50psi to prevent any flat spots.

Finally your classic is given it’s own storage bay, where a quality protective cover is applied and a drip tray placed underneath. If you have chosen the optional Carcoon(1) or Battery Charger / Conditioner(2), these are utilised at this stage.

During storage

Our secure storage facility features smoke and heat alarms as well as extensive CCTV coverage.

Whilst the vehicle is with us, no unauthorised people are allowed in the facility.

If you have chosen the optional monthly(3) or bi-monthly(4) maintenance package, then the car is periodically inspected. These basic checks look for unexpected fluid loss and check the tyre pressure, followed by running the engine up to temperature and rolling the car to ensure no stiffening of components have take place during storage.

Our bi-monthly(4) check also includes a short drive to ensure mechanical components do not stiffen up.

Preparation for collection

When you are ready to collect your car for that special occasion, or when the first shoots of spring herald the arrival of blue skies and salt-free, dry roads, we ensure that your car is ready for an enjoyable first drive.

After checking the drip tray and fluid levels for any unexpected surprises, the car is removed from the allocated storage bay and inspected. The car has a pre-collection drive on our premises to ensure the electrics and mechanical components of the car are working as the factory intended.

After one final inspection, the car is cleaned and dried ready for your arrival.


Store your car with us from £40.00 + VAT per week

(Priced Per Month + VAT)
CCTV Yes -
Heat and smoke alarms Yes -
Pre-storage clean Yes -
Pre-storage condition report Yes -
Wheel and tyre preparation Yes -
Interior protective cover Yes -
Drip tray Yes -
Wiper blade protectors Yes -
MoT delivery and collection Yes -
Free shuttle service to local train station Yes -
- Available to purchase from The SL Shop
Battery conditioner(2)  Yes -
Monthly maintenance(3) - £20
Bi-monthly Maintenance(4) - £15
Full detailing service - From £295
Minimum Contract 15 weeks -

(1) Carcoon: The Carcoon is a protective, mini storage environment designed to isolate the vehicle from constantly changing conditions. It offers a stable ‘cocoon’ of consistent humidity, heat and airflow using the patented Active Airflow Concept. A Carcoon removes excess moisture, fuel/oil vapour and other contaminants from the environment immediately surrounding the vehicle, maintaining optimum conditions for preservation.
(2) Battery Conditioner: We use the Ctek MXS 3.8 Smart Battery Car Charger for our storage applications. The Ctek MXS 3.8 is an intelligent trickle charger, which automatically switches on when battery voltage drops below 95%. It never over charges the battery and never pulses the battery unnecessarily, prolonging life of the battery and preventing damage to electrical components.
(3) Monthly Maintenance: Every month we will check tyre pressures, roll the vehicle, start the engine and run to operating temperature, check the vehicle and check the battery levels and ensure mechanical components remain free to move.
(4) Bi-Monthly Maintenance: In addition to the Monthly Maintenance tasks, the Bi-Monthly Maintenance gives the car a short drive (on our private land) to keep components moving freely.

Man inspects a Mercedes-Benz R107 SL stored at The SL Shop
Blue Mercedes-Benz Pagoda stored at The SL Shop
Fleet of classic Mercedes-Benz cars covered in The SL Shop storage unit
Man cleaning Mercedes-Benz Pagoda at The SL Shop