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Storage Details

Storage Details

Our hassle free storage process has been designed to meet your all of your requirements as efficiently as possible. We are ideally suited to storing vintage, classic or modern cars alike and we can prepare your car however you want, be it for a weekend away, a race or rally, or for full concours presentation.

So whether you need to store your car for a few short months over the winter or if you’re looking for long term storage of a large collection, we have the perfect solution for you.


Collection or delivery of your car can be easily arranged. All transportation will be made in our fully insured and covered car transporter. If you want to drop your own car off to us, then we can take you back to the train station which has easy links nationwide.


The SL Shop Classic car storage is fully insured for the transportation, driving and storage of any car within our care. So you’re always in safe hands with us.


Dan looking after the stored cars

Once your car is at our specialist storage facility it will be taken through our comprehensive induction process.

  • Condition record and report.
    • We will photograph the entire car inside and out as well as record mileage, fluid levels for oil, antifreeze and screen wash, tread depths. The battery will be checked for charge and performance.
  • Pre-storage wash and dry
    • This will remove and contaminates and residues that may affect the paintwork whilst it is in our storage facility.
  • Wheel preparation
    • We ensure that your alloys are clean and free of road dirt and brake dust in all those hard to reach places with our specialist cleaning solutions. We apply a dressing of rubber preserver to the tyres as well as increasing tyre pressures to 50psi to prevent flat spotting.
  • Storage
    • Your vehicle is then placed into its designated storage bay with protective cover and drip tray. Your car storage can include a Carcoon* and battery charger/conditioner** if required.
  • When you wish to come and take your car away, be it for a day, a week or however long, we will have your vehicle washed and dried and ready to go. Needless to say that when you return we will take all the care and attention putting her back into storage as we did when we first took stewardship.

*Customers are to provide their own Carcoon (or equivalent) if one is required. Customers can buy Carcoons from the SL Shop, please enquire for prices.
**Customers are to provide their own battery conditioner if this is required. Battery conditioners can be purchased from The SL Shop.

Man inspects a Mercedes-Benz R107 SL stored at The SL Shop
Blue Mercedes-Benz Pagoda stored at The SL Shop
Fleet of classic Mercedes-Benz cars covered in The SL Shop storage unit
Man cleaning Mercedes-Benz Pagoda at The SL Shop