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Sportline Heritage


It all started with a question: can the iconic R107 Mercedes-Benz SL meet the expectations of modern performance car drivers? After restoring, repairing and maintaining many R107s, we found customers asking the same sort of questions. Can we firm up the ride a little? Can we improve the pedal response? Can we get more power without losing the character of the car? And so, with the keen driver in mind, the SportLine project was launched.

Our team has years of experience working with the R107 SL, so we knew its strengths and weaknesses, and how best to extract more power from the wonderful straight-six engine. With its incredible build quality, open top format and sheer elegance, the R107 now satisfies the hard core driving enthusiast too.

With a worldwide reputation for quality and attention to detail, SL Shop’s SportLinewas always going to executed to the highest standards. It handles and responds like no SL you’ve experienced before, and is equally at home on the road, track or classic car meet.

We knew the R107 SL had potential and with SportLine we’ve created something truly special.