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SL Shop Experience | SportLine Track Time

On Track

This is your chance to drive two of the most extreme R107 SLs in existence.

Mercedes Enthusiast magazine called the five-speed manual gearbox of the R107 SportLine ‘a revelation’, and with its limited-slip differential that three-litre straight-six M103 engine can push this SL in ways you never thought possible. But creating a SportLine road car wasn’t enough, so we went one step further and built a 500SL V8 race car.
With our SportLine On Track Experience, you'll drive both the SportLine Road Car and SportLine Race Car. For circuit driving, you’ll have support from SL Shop and you’ll receive tuition from a qualified race instructor. Our race instructors are not just there to keep you safe, but to show you how to get these cars around the circuit as quickly as possible.
Finally, your SportLine On Track session will finish with a passenger ride as a professional racing driver demonstrates what our race car is really capable of. No previous track or race experience is necessary, and all equipment will be provided.
The whole experience lasts around an hour and a half, and is the perfect gift.

Front bonnet of a red SL Shop Mercedes-Benz R107
Close-up of an SL Shop Mercedes-Benz SportLine speedometer
Close-up of an SL Shop Mercedes-Benz SportLine engine
Close-up of an SL Shop Mercedes-Benz alloy wheel

- 10 Laps driving the SportLine 300SL Straight Six Road Car, with a qualified instructor
- 10 Laps driving the SportLine 500SL V8 Race Car, with a qualified instructor
- 3 Hot Laps in the SportLine V8 Race Car with a professional driver at the wheel
- A photo of the occasion to take with you
- Bring a guest with you
- Refreshments provided

Please allow 1 1/2 hours for the complete SportLine Track Time experience.

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