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“Our aim was never to create an R107 for motorsport; it was to come up with something for enthusiasts who want a more spirited drive. Our improved SL looks and drives the same as before, but with a sharper edge”.


The SL Shop Development of the R107 SL began at the tail end of the 1960s, designed to replace the W113 Pagoda. The R 107 SL would be the first Mercedes-Benz to use the R designation model number, R meaning Roadster. The 107 was launched early in 1971 and continued until late 1989, giving the 107 the longest production run of any Mercedes-Benz passenger car before or since. Although the SL was superbly engineered, we always knew the platform was capable of more. Customers were looking to make the car drive, respond and brake in line with modern performance standards. With this in mind, we started the SportLine project.

We took the Sportline for a spin in sunny Wales. Read about what happened HERE

For drivers looking for the enjoyment of a classic car without compromising on performance, the SportLine is the perfect solution.
Our team has many years of working with the R107SL, we knew what the car was capable of, and wanted to get the very best out of the wonderful straight-six engine.

SportLine has been developed to make the most of the hugely capable Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder engine. With SportLine, we've created a 107 SL that drives, handles and responds in a way you never knew an SL could. By drawing on our huge wealth of experience with the model we've pushed the boundaries of what the 107 SL can do, and created a car that will appeal to enthusiastic drivers, collectors and connoisseurs.

Each SportLine is a collaboration between SL Shop experts and the customer, resulting in a truly personal investment. We look forward to working with you to create your SportLine.

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