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1989 Mercedes Benz R107 300SL with Beige Check

Black (040) with Beige Check / 300SL

Principal Facts:

There might have been a lot of R107s made (over 300k) but very few remain in totally original, exceptional and unrestored condition. The previous owner of this 300SL spent two years searching for the right one, and when he unearthed this remarkable survivor, he knew this was it. A July-1989-made 300SL, this car was originally ordered from Jamaica, but was instead routed to the UK, where it’s remained in the care of its two owners ever since.  

The first keeper was Bolton Wanderers chairman Gordon Hargreaves. He bought the car new from the owner of Wilmslow Motor Company, who had himself driven to the Mercedes-Benz factory to collect it. Hargreaves reports in a letter to the second owner (included in the car’s history folder) that he kept this SL in a heated garage, in between infrequent fair-weather drives. 

You know the saying, something’s only original once, well this SL is perhaps one of the best expressions of that ethos. The car’s never seen a welding torch or the inside of bodyshop – it hasn’t needed to; its two fastidious owners have made sure of that. We wish we could come across cars this original and well-cared every day, but they’re the exception rather than the rule and that guarantees this 300SL won’t hang around.  

Condition Synopsis:

Despite the remarkably fine order of this car’s exterior, its cabin out does it. There’s nothing to show the car’s age in here, it’s as if it was driven out of that Wilmslow showroom last week, rather than over three decades ago. A testament to both its owners, but especially the aforementioned football club chairman, who kept this SL for 31 of its 34 years.   Getting underneath doesn’t reveal any hidden nasties, quite the opposite in fact, it’s as clean as everywhere else. There are signs of recent work, which we’ll get to shortly, which is reassuring and shows that this machine hasn’t just been stored and looked at, it’s been driven and enjoyed too. 

History File:

There has been some fairly extensive top-up maintenance carried out recently, to make sure this 300 is ready to be enjoyed on the road. Independent specialist NJS Solutions in Dartford gave the car a substantial refresh and service towards the end of 2019. An inspection, fluid and filter check and engine oil service were bolstered by a complete brake overhaul, including new calipers up front and a nearside rear metal line added to match the four new flexi lines, new pads all round and fresh fluid.    A transmission service was also carried out at the same time alongside an engine bay steam clean; needed due to a leaking upper engine rocker cover gasket, which was cured by replacing the gasket along with new oil seals. A bill for £2223.11 was the overall result with another large bill (£1319.82) from independent specialist M-Star in 2017 for a new radiator, transmission and coolant pipes. The car’s four near new Michelin tyres were fitted in 2019, which, taken together with the work above, adds up to an SL that’s ready to be enjoyed right away. 

SLSHOP Summary:

Initially ordered from the Caribbean, this SL was granted the hot-weather essential of heat-insulating glass. Further weather protection was provided by the heated hard-top, which remains with the car in excellent order and proved essential for the much less inclement climate here in the UK; not that we’d imagine it’s been permitted to go out in the rain.  Despite seeing restrained yet frequent use over the years, this 300SL has been perpetually maintained to a high standard. There are bills in the history detailing thousands of pounds of expenditure from both within the Mercedes-Benz dealer network and at select specialists.   Paint and chrome remain in remarkable condition, with a small amount of light bubbling to the latter on the boot plinth the only sign of age whatsoever.
  • 24792
  • 1989
  • Automatic
  • Black (040)
  • Beige Check
  • Petrol
  • Not Exempt

Inspection Report

Report Synopsis: Superb condition, finished in a beautiful colour combination. Not to be missed.




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