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1985 Mercedes Benz R107 280SL with Royal Blue Leather (272)

Diamond Blue (355) with Royal Blue Leather (272) / 280SL

Principal Facts:

Near historic status, this two-owner example of one of the final 280SLs made, is one of the best out there. Its low-mileage is due to its former keepers deliberately keeping it as an investment, enjoying it very sparingly and properly storing it in between drives. This example could be cruising the capital in just over a year, yet despite its 40th anniversary and subsequent ULEZ freedom rapidly approaching, you’d never know it. The condition of this R107 is truly remarkable, it’s been spared the ravages of weather and miles and looks utterly stunning as a result.

A fairly rare model of R107, in an even more unusual shade, that’s rapidly homing in on historic status. This car’s condition is remarkable and a true testament to its two former keepers. The next owner is set to benefit from all their careful planning and recent expense.

Condition Synopsis:

History File:

Supplied new to Sunningdale Carriage Co. Berkshire, this 280 returned for servicing until ’88. There’s then a big gap to 2013 (though only 7600 miles were covered). The next stamp comes from us, when we carried out an oil service. The car’s been known to us ever since, being owned by a friend of the business and brand ambassador. Almost all MoT certificates are present in the history – crucial for backing up that miniscule mileage. Most of the small number of missing years are recorded online anyway. As is always the case with our showroom examples, this SL went through the workshops here for an extensive inspection. Our talented technicians spotted a few things that needed to be put right including; cleaning out the plenum chamber for the treatment of surface corrosion and a fresh localised repaint. They also replaced the heater blower motor, case and seal, auxiliary belt, alternator, rear discs and pads and front subframe bushes. With all this work complete, the car’s underside was cleaned and wax oiled. The bill for all this came to £8694.55.

SLSHOP Summary:

Despite being the base model at the time, this 280SL’s first owner–who incidentally kept the car until 2013–ticked some very useful options. Supplied with the later, and far more common, 15-slot alloy wheels, these were changed for optional 14-inch Bundt ‘Mexican hat’ wheels (presumably at the dealership or shortly after). In addition to ABS braking, this time-defying R107 also benefits from cruise control, a rear badge delete, dark blue soft-top, fire extinguisher and heated rear and electric front windows. Quite a lot of kit, that’s not often seen on a 280.
  • 28637
  • 1985
  • Automatic
  • Diamond Blue (355)
  • Royal Blue Leather (272)
  • Petrol
  • Not Exempt

Inspection Report

Report Synopsis: Overall a fine example of the 280SL, requiring minimal work to bring it up to an extremely high standard




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