1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda (W113) 13,000 Original Miles #2241

  • Stock Number: 2241
  • Make / Model: Mercedes-Benz / 280SL Pagoda (W113) Unrestored
  • Mileage: 13566
  • Paint Colour: Silver
  • Interior Colour: Black Leather
  • Year: 1970
About This Car

1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda (W113)

Silver Grey Metallic (180G) with Black MB Tex (131)
White Headlining (9002) and Dark Grey Carpet (7006)
Silver Grey Metallic Hard Top (180G) and Black Fabric Soft Top (740)

13,566 miles

An unrestored, all original, preserved survivor.
A genuine Right Hand Drive UK car with verified and documented history from new.
A true ‘holy grail’ Pagoda and surely the only one of it’s kind.

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About this Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda:

First registered in Jersey, this car stayed with one owner for almost four decades.

This matching numbers 280SL is a time warp, a car that has been sparingly maintained throughout it’s life; a car to be cherished and enjoyed as an original, factory correct Pagoda. This is a car that was originally specified with no mirrors and no radio. Cars with no radio instead had a model designation badge mounted on a blanking plate.

The paintwork and panel finish is superb. From the front to the back this car is exactly as Mercedes-Benz built them back in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The fitment of the headlamp chrome surround and the alignment of the front grille is all Mercedes-Benz perfect, a car that has never been taken apart or overly fettled with. These Pagodas have a swage line running from the headlamp bezel into the front wing and they aren’t necessarily the same when comparing two cars side by side… it’s vital that the alignment of the bezel is perfect to the continuation onto the wing, and that both left and right sides are the same – this car is an excellent example of an original car.

Inside the engine bay the correct unlacquered paintwork shows nothing but time. The factory original yellow paint marker is untouched on top of the suspension turret beneath the mounting plate. Where the stamped chassis number sits should always be painted in the original grey primer (finished that way so that it wouldn’t rust) and this car once again sets the benchmark on presentation of these key original details.

The inner wings show the correct spot welds and recess holes, another key indicator on cars that are restored or repaired. Showing the factory original markings, present from new. Inside the bonnet lines the spot welds are the same, all original and correct. On the leading edge of the bonnet we can find the stamped production number, used during assembly before the car was assigned a chassis number. Fitment of a Pagoda bonnet is always specific to the vehicle itself.

Modern restorers and the current market require a highly detailed engine bay, but this isn’t how these cars would have left the factory. The engine itself should have a matt finish to it, exactly as this car shows.

Inside the cabin the original vinyl wrapped dashboard is still perfect, where restored cars are almost always finished in leather. The fitment of the wood shows that this car has never been taken apart. Crucially (and rarely for a Pagoda) the fit of the glovebox is perfect, as these are generally out of alignment even on very good examples. The dashboard wood is immaculate, it isn’t faded, cracked or dried out – a testament to many years of careful storage and ownership.

The print for the decals on the controls (such as the wiper arms) and the white lettering on the dials themselves is as crisp as it can be, there is no fading nor have any of these been rubbed away. The factory original rubber seal ring is present on the handbrake, a small and arguably insignificant item that is oft overlooked on restored cars… something that is lovely to see on an all original Pagoda.

From the factory the floor carpets were never glued down, they are intended to come away for access to the inspection panels. There is no rippling or over dressing on the door cards or sun visors, no fading, cracking, creasing or water damage and the visors still have their original sponge filling – something that has often degraded over time.

Around the gearstick there is no cracking in the plastic of the gear gate, and no fading. Often these cars have broken or yellowed plastic around the gear surround but this car presents as if it had just left the factory.

The recess for the soft top is in perfect order, showing the original manufacturer stickers which are also present on the inside of the boot, another sign that this car has never seen a body shop. The boot lining of a Pagoda will fade over time, but the original rubber lining on this car is in excellent condition. The original spare wheel mounting point, jack and wheel chock is all present and correct, whilst the original tape marks for the fuel sensor is once again, exactly as it left the factory. The boot floor itself still wears the original insulation from new, another small factor that is overlooked or ignored when restored cars have a fresh boot floor fitted.

About the Ownership History:

First registered on 9th April 1970, this Mercedes-Benz Pagoda was the pride and joy of Mrs M of Jersey.

During 38 years of ownership, the car covered so few miles that it was serviced just twice. Carefully maintained and adored, it was kept by Mrs M until she passed away in 2008. The car was then purchased by a businessman on the island, who kept it for three years before it once again changed hands in 2011.

Aware that this car was rather special, we can surmise from the paperwork that Mr B approached Jacksons Mercedes-Benz, the well established dealer on the island to discuss the best course of action for such a significant vehicle. Upon discovering the existence of ‘the Jersey Pagoda’, the founder and owner of Jacksons purchased it for his own private collection. It would remain the personal property of Mr S until he too passed away in 2017.

It is at this point that in 2018 this exceptional, unrestored, all original 280SL first appeared on Bruce Greetham’s radar. While searching for a high calibre, low mileage original car for a private client, Bruce was made aware of the ‘The Jersey Pagoda’. The car was secured and brought to SLSHOP for some careful maintenance before moving on once again to a private collection.

Offered once again by SLSHOP, this is an opportunity the likes of which cannot be understated.


Silver Grey Metallic (180G) with Black MB Tex (131)
White Headlining (9002) and Dark Grey Carpet (7006)
Silver Grey Metallic Hard Top (180G) and Black Fabric Soft Top (740)

Why Choose SLSHOP?

Is it our unrivalled experience with three generations of SL? Is it our attention to detail, our award winning quality? Is it our selection of hand picked, superb cars for sale? Is it the family feel, the friendly faces and consistency of our work? Most people say it’s all of these things.

A classic car offers a world of opportunities – it is an invitation to explore the open road and share life-affirming experiences with like-minded individuals.

Where will your Mercedes-Benz take you?

Bulkhead Corrosion

Although the R107 is renowned for build quality, there is one chink in the armour – the bulkhead. Many cars that present well from the outside are hiding internal rust. Water from outside the car should drain out through specially designed channels, but over time, these become blocked forcing water inside the car. Once water has breached the blower motor cover in front of the windscreen, it slowly wreaks havoc from inside out. This delicate area did not have rust protection from the factory, and as the metal deteriorates it the water ingress can lead to faulty electrics, damp carpets and musty smells inside the cabin.

All our cars come with a 36 month bulkhead warranty.

SLSHOP Unique 2 & 3 year warranty

At the SLSHOP, not only do we know what an SL is capable of but we believe in the cars we sell.

We want our customers to have the confidence to get out and use these iconic classics, to enjoy them for trips at home and abroad.

That’s why we offer a 2 year ‘no quibble’ mechanical warranty with each car sold, as well as a 3 year bulkhead warranty.

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We believe in the capabilities of these classic cars, and want our customers to get out and use them. Welcome to Experience from The SLSHOP, aimed at helping you get more out of your classic Mercedes-Benz. We offer a number of trips, tours and events in the UK and abroad. See you there!

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