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Stage 1
Our Credentials

The Mercedes-Benz SL is our passion. We understand these cars, and we know how to preserve their natural authenticity. At The SL Shop, we know when to replace and when to refurbish parts. We know how to prolong the life of these cars, and to present them better than when they left the factory. We know where to find the rarest of components, how to line up the trim and the panels just right, how to piece the car together with precision and accuracy... It's all part of The SL Shop experience. With a worldwide client base, years of experience with the marque and a team of expert craftsmen, it will come as no surprise that our cars are winners.

Stage 2
Starting & Assessment

When it comes to restoration, we never rush the details. Before you entrust us with your beloved SC, we take time to understand your vision for the car. We'll determine whether your needs and your car are suited to an authentic, all original restoration or the more spritely and refreshing SportLine build. We're happy to prepare your car exactly as the designer intended, or improve it with your own inspiration.

With our period understanding and commitment to quality, whether you choose the authenticity of a factory rebuild or the thrill of a SportLine, our craftsmen will work hard to achieve perfection with your car. By agreeing timescales and the scope of the project whilst considering the investment in detail, together we can build a picture of the finished project.

Stage 3
The Build

When work starts, we document every step of theway, building a complete photo file of the restoration, which can stay with the car in years to come. We'll approach the project methodically to ensure no faults go undetected. By using the highest quality parts, specially sourced for your car, we aim to exceed your expectations. Inside the car, we ensure the finish and grade of materials is in keeping with the cars heritage. We make sure the fit and finish of components is as good, If not better, than brand new. The engine will get a full inspection to determine the level of work, by a full refresh of both the bottom and top ends. The injection and induction systems will receive a thorough overhaul, while the all-important bushes, bearings and suspension components which make up the chassis are revitalised.

Once we are satisfied that the car meets our high standards, it will be ready for the final stages of the restoration. All of our work will be checked and tested for quality and longevity, both on and off the road.

Stage 4
Final Assembly

We ensure that where new components meet original craftsmanship, the parts bed in correctly and that everything works as it should. The car will then go for final cleaning, quality inspection and preparation in time for the official handover.

When you collect your car, we take time to discuss the completed work, presenting you with the detailed photo documentation of your restoration.