Vehicle Storage

At our safe and secure facility, you can rest assured that your pride and joy is in good hands. Caring for your classic is what we do.

The Perfect Location

Our storage facility is available to vintage, classic and modern cars, centrally located on the outskirts of Stratford Upon Avon. We offer short and long term storage, as well as a fully insured, covered transportation service nationwide.

Our location gives us easy access to the M40, M5, M6 and M1; ideal for customers around the Midlands, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Cotswolds and beyond.

We have many years experience caring for rare and valuable motorcars, making The SL Shop the ideal partner for your automotive storage.

Simple, Straight Forward Classic Car Storage

We believe storage should be simple, offering a straight forward pricing structure ranging from storage only to a fully managed proactive maintenance and exercise plan.

Leave it with us – we know how to take care of it.

Storage Details
Collection and Delivery

We can arrange the professional collection and delivery of your car. Price and availability upon request. For customers delivering cars in person, our location has easy access to train stations and airports for links nationwide.


The SL Shop classic car storage is fully insured for the movement and storage of any car within our care.

Storing your classic car with The SL Shop

Our team have extensive experience dealing with high value vehicles, and will treat your classic with the utmost care and respect.
Once your car arrives at our facility, it will be taken through our induction process which includes:

  • Photographs of your car inside and out
  • Recording of mileage
  • Fluid level checks (oil, antifreeze, screen wash etc.)
  • Tyre tread depth check
  • Battery fluid level check (n/a for sealed batteries)

This gives us a report on the basic condition of the vehicle on the day it is inducted into our facility. A copy of this report will be provided to you.

Preparation for storage

Once the above checks are complete, your car will have a pre-storage service wash to remove any contaminants and residues that may affect the paintwork whilst the car is with us. Tyre pressures will be increased to 50psi to prevent any flat spots.
Your car is then placed into storage where a protective cover is placed over it, a drip tray placed underneath and the battery conditioner installed. If you have chosen the optional Carcoon(1) this will be applied at this stage.

During storage

Our secure facility features extensive CCTV coverage and no unauthorised people are allowed in the facility. All cars are fully insured while in our care.
a) As standard, the car is periodically inspected. Basic checks are carried out i.e. look for unexpected fluid loss and tyre pressure checks.
b) Our optional monthly check will include the basic check above, followed by running the engine up to temperature and rolling the car to ensure no stiffening of components have taken place during storage.
c) We also offer an additional bi-monthly check for those customers who agree to our monthly check (option b above). This includes a short drive to ensure mechanical components do not stiffen up.

Servicing & MOTs

While in our care we would be happy to arrange both servicing and MOT’s for your cars. Prices available upon request.

Preparation for collection

When you are ready to collect your car for that special occasion, or when the first shoots of spring herald the arrival of blue skies and salt-free, dry roads, we ensure that your car is ready for an enjoyable first drive. We require you to provide us with 48 hours notice at which point we will conduct the basic check again and advise upon any requirements if necessary e.g. fluid top ups, tyres etc. or whether we believe there is a fault that needs attention.
After checking the drip tray and fluid levels for any unexpected surprises, the car is removed from the allocated storage bay and inspected. Cars that include storage option (b) and (c) above, will have a pre-collection drive on our premises to ensure the electrics and mechanical components of the car are working as the factory intended.
All cars are cleaned and ready prior to collection.

Storage Tariffs
All inclusive Standard Storage"£40.00 + VAT per week
(minimum charge is 2 weeks i.e.
£80.00 + VAT)"
All inclusive Standard Storage + monthly check£42.50 + VAT per week
All inclusive Standard Storage + monthly & bi-monthly check£48.50 + VAT per week
CarcoonPrice available upon enquiry
Full detailing service£295.00

Get in touch to discuss Storage options.

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