Bruces 107 Restoration

107 500 SL | Nautic Blue with Cream | 1987

The SL Shop’s Bruce Greetham is no stranger to concours success, having won awards with a number of his previous Mercedes-Benz cars. Of these, it is the ‘Best SL’ award at the 2016 SL Day which he treasures the most. Not content with simply winning, Bruce had to go a step further – his car scored a perfect 100 points, the maximum available. Bruce’s eye for detail and passion for originality makes him the perfect candidate for concours glory, he understands the small touches that mark the difference between a very good car and a concours winner.

Since completing the restoration, Bruce’s 500SL has been featured in numerous magazines but the car is no show queen – it has enjoyed more than one European road trip including a trip from the UK to Bruges.

Owners Story

Back in 2011 SL Shop managing director Bruce Greetham did what he now advises customers to do.. “Buy the car you really want, in the specification that you want it”. Bruce’s late model R 107 500 SL was Nautic Blue with Cream Interior, a combination Bruce had always loved. The car was in very poor health, needing a significant amount of time, expertise and money to reach it’s full potential. Six years later the car is a multiple award winning concours star, testament to Bruce’s commitment and the expertise of The SLSHOP.

Before Restoration

When Bruce bought his beloved 500SL, he had a vision – to build the finest R 107 SL money can buy. Once it arrived at The SLSHOP, even the most dedicated staff members were reluctant to get on board! The car was in a poor state, but being a late model Nautic Blue with Cream 500SL it had to be that particular car. The first task was handing the metalwork. You would never know to look at the car today, but on arrival it showed rust and corrosion in just about every typical R 107 spot, and more! Not put off by the task at hand, Bruce set about cutting out the corrosion and slowly bringing the SL back from the brink. Countless man hours were spent on bodywork alone, replacing the tired underside with new metal to finish with what was essentially a high quality, brand new body.

Restoration in Progress
Restoration in Progress
Restoration in Progress
Restoration in Progress
Car Specs

Customer often ask us ‘which SL should I buy?’ The honest answer is always ‘buy the car you want, in the specification that you want it’. For most classic car enthusiasts, a little extra horsepower doesn’t make a huge difference to the way they use and enjoy a car. Some people love the purity of a six-cylinder, others have to have the presence of an off beat V8.

Bruce loves both, but when it came to his own car, it had to be a Nautic Blue V8 with Cream Leather.

  • Model Year: 1987
  • Engine Size: 5.0L V8
  • Top Speed: 134 MPH
  • Brake Horse Power: 242
  • Torque: 295 fbt
  • Interior colour: Cream Leather
  • Exterior Colour: Nautic Blue
  • Gear Box: 4 Speed Auto
After SLSHOP Restoration
SLSHOP Perfection

The restoration of D44BPJ was the most comprehensive we had ever performed until that point. Not only was this Bruce’s personal car, but this was to be our show car, our flagship, our storefront that we would lay out to at prestigious classic car shows. It had to be good, no, better than good, it had to be exceptional, it had to be… perfect.

D44BPJ did more for The SL Shop than fly a flag. It proved to the world, to our customers, to our staff, to our critics, that we had the knowledge, the resources and the team to undertake world-leading restorations, to build the very best cars that money can buy.

Bruce’s 500SL was just the beginning. Since this build, our workshops have constantly been busy with commissioned work of a similar quality. Our customers know that we can produce the results, they know that when the brief is to ‘build the very best car that you possibly can’… We will.

When it comes to a restoration of this calibre, only the best is good enough, because only perfection will do.

Parts Store

With over 11 years of specialising in nothing but SL W113 & R107 models, we’ve grown the most comprehensive parts inventory available on the market.  From intricate mechanical components to body parts and chrome, you can be sure that if a part is available, it’s available at SL Shop.  You can browse our full catalogue online or alternatively, if you can’t see what you’re after, our team of specialist parts advisors are waiting to assist. Here are some of our most popular products this season:

Replacement Sun Visors

As you sit in an SL 107, one of the first things you’ll notice is a broken or sun damaged sun visor staring you in the face. Luckily we stock sun visors in a wide range of colours for both Left and Right hand drive cars.

Handbrake Shroud Cover

The bane of many SL owner’s pride is a cracked and faded handbrake shroud. SL Shop has bought together a supple design change and modern materials to ensure these replacements will last the lifetime of your car.

Durable Rubber Floor Mats

Customers asked for rubber mats and so we gave you rubber mats. 8 long months of development mean these hard wearing mats not only fit perfectly, but they will keep your velour carpet looking factory fresh.

Bulkhead Repair Panel

You won’t be surprised to hear this is our best selling body panel.  The SL 107 bulkhead is prone to corrosion so it’s good practice to keep your eye on it.  If you’ve found it needing repair, then we’ve the perfect solution right here.

SL 107 Lower Suspension Arm

An area of the car which deserves more attention than it often gets. A vital part of the vehicle’s suspension which was for many years an obsolete part, now available at SL Shop and proving very popular.

Heater Blower Motor Unit

A common fault on SL 107’s is a seized ventilation motor. Our exclusive replacement unit has been engineered to reduce water ingress, lengthening the life of the motor, and is proven to match the airflow of a genuine unit to within a tolerance of 3%.

SL Shop Branded Filters

It’s easy to overlook quality when it comes to basic service items such as air and oil filters, not at SL Shop. Our exclusive range of own-brand filters are designed to exceed the specification of their German counterparts.

Classic Petrol Mercedes Maintenance Booklet

As cars get older it’s likely that the service book will become full, or get misplaced. SL Shop’s replacement boasts all the same content as your factory original, allowing you to keep your service history in check.

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