113 Pagoda Restoration

Is there a better way see the countryside than from behind the wheel of Stuttgart’s perfectly proportioned 1960s Pagoda? How about behind the wheel of an immaculately restored, factory correct, mechanically new 230, 250 or 280SL? Picture yourself enjoying an evening drive to your favourite restaurant, perhaps cruising the waterfront as the sun dips low. Our cars look superb at any speed, anywhere.

Although our focus has always been the R107, earlier Pagoda and 190SLs are ever present at The SLSHOP. It was only a matter of time before an R107 owner, overjoyed with the result of a recent restoration, wanted to complete a Pagoda to the same exacting standards. Since that first car we have produced some of the worlds finest Pagodas, applying everything we learnt through 10 years at the forefront of classic Mercedes-Benz cars.


Restoration. (Noun), a return of something to a former, original, normal, or unimpaired condition. But why stop there? At The SL Shop we settle for nothing but the best. We have the skills, the experience and the knowledge to rebuild your classic Mercedes-Benz to it’s factory specification – or better. There are no limits when it comes to what is possible, we dream big and we deliver.

SLSHOP Credentials

The SL SHOP is a family run, independent Mercedes-Benz specialist based in Warwickshire, UK. We set the benchmark when it comes to the R 107 SL, forging an example for others to follow. Through our work with classic SLs we have developed an intimate understanding of these superb cars, building a knowledge and skill base that cannot be rivalled.

Our thriving parts department ships classic Mercedes-Benz components worldwide, while our workshops are full of a great many exciting classic Mercedes-Benz restorations. In our showroom you’ll find some of the very best cars available, covering not just the R 107 SL but all generations of SL and more – our core passion is the R 107 but our knowledge and interest spreads to all Mercedes-Benz models. Our parts store caters to all manner of classics, and our workshop is usually a treasure trove of Stuttgart’s finest.

Sam Bailey – Managing Director

Sam grew up with all manner of classic cars, and it was his passion for all things automotive and ambition that launched The SL Shop. Sam doesn’t like to compromise, especially when it comes to presentation and service. What drives Sam is being at the forefront of the industry and finding or producing elusive, hard to find classic Mercedes-Benz products that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Bruce Greetham – Director and General Manager

Bruce is a serious Mercedes-Benz aficionado, having owned an enviable list of classics including a 124 Coupe, 560SEC and his ‘famous’ 500SL. Bruce’s sharp eye and deep knowledge of the brand are utilised in all areas of the business, whether in the showroom with clients of in the workshop with technicians. His passion is concours, having scooped all manner of awards including a Concours d’Elégance win with his own R 107 SL.

Classic Mercedes Restoration
113 Pagoda Setup

Is your Pagoda running hot? Running cold? Not getting to temperature? Issues with cold starting? Misfiring? Down on power? Pinking? Gears seem to be teething? Steering stubborn? Suspension suspicious? We have seen all manner of ailments in Pagodas over the years. The passing of time, poor maintenance, budget repairs, inexperienced technicians, all can have an impact on how your Pagoda handles today.

SLSHOP Craftsmanship

The quality of a finished piece lies in the strength of the craftsmanship throughout. We apply the same detail to every aspect of your build and restoration, from the final fitment of chrome to the way we bolt the seats. We know these cars well enough to understand how the little details fit the big picture.

Previous Restorations
Mercedes 500 SL
Mercedes 280 SL
Mercedes 300 SL

Whatever your Mercedes-Benz, Whatever your needs are, Let the SLSHOP help you. It all starts with getting to know you and your needs. We have designed this contact form to be quick and easy and we never share your data.

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