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The R107 SL remained in production for 18 years, with over 240,000 made. It was available with eight different power plants – two 6 Cylinder units and six different V8 engines. These used two different types of fuel injection, and output varied depending on the market thanks to America’s emissions clampdown of the late 1970s.

The youngest R107 SL cars are now 30 years old. No matter what sort of past your SL has endured, let the SLSHOP take care of it’s future.

Our Credentials

The SLSHOP have over a decade’s experience in working with these iconic classic cars. Many of our technicians have been with us since our humble beginnings, allowing the wealth of knowledge within the business to grow and blossom. When it comes to the R107 SL, our knowledge and expertise is unrivalled.

Not only have we developed our own working practices for this car, we have also developed our own range of parts. Our workshop and parts department have been a solution-finding combined force, using our buying power and resources to find elusive parts or build them ourselves.

We are Europe’s leading SL specialist. Where better to take your SL?

SLSHOP Workshop

Our workshop is a hive of SL activity, where experienced technicians work diligently to care for all manner of classic Mercedes-Benz cars. Although the SL will always be the core of our business, we have experience with the entire Mercedes-Benz range. The R107 SL has a lot in common with other models from the era, making us the ideal destination to care for your classic car. When it comes to the R107, our knowledge and technical skills with this car are unrivalled.

SLSHOP Craftsmanship

The quality of a finished piece lies in the strength of the craftsmanship throughout. We apply the same detail to every aspect of your build and restoration, from the final fitment of chrome to the way we bolt the seats. We know these cars well enough to understand how the little details fit the big picture.

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Whatever your Mercedes-Benz, Whatever your needs are, Let the SLSHOP help you. It all starts with getting to know you and your needs. We have designed this contact form to be quick and easy and we never share your data.

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