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Vague, wandering steering

Vague Steering

Vague or wandering steering, and play in steering box.

Every SL is prone to lose, vague or sloppy steering, robbing you of driver satisfaction and making for frustrating motorway cruising.

There are 2 main causes;

The Steering Box: The SL’s steering box is designed to be adjustable to a point. With use and adjustments over time, the steering box may develop extensive movement resulting in the cars steering becoming vague and loose.
The Steering Damper: This piece of apparatus is like a horizontal shock absorber for the steering. With age the steering damper will become worn and less efficient , resulting in the loss of the SL's factory fresh feel.

The Cure
More often than not, an adjustment to the steering box is all that’s required to fix you SL steering issues. If the steering box has had all of the adjustment it can take, then we can send it away to a specialist for refurbishment. This service will cost roughly half the cost of a new, genuine Mercedes-Benz steering box.