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Poor handling in wet conditions, bald tyres and cracked sidewalls.

Vehicle affected
SL's with either 14" or 15" wheels

Tyres are a regular service part that will wear out over time and with use. Buying budget tyres will result in quicker wear and tear, but even a tyre that has plenty of tread on it will become unsafe as the rubber degrades over time.

The Cure
The SL shop are able to supply and fit a wide range of tyres for your classic Mercedes-Benz. Your choice in tyre will on depend on budget, personal usage and past experience. The SL Shop are able to supply premium brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Avon and Continental as well as mid-range and budget options. The SL Shop can also supply aesthetically age appropriate tyres that suit earlier cars such as the Pagoda and 107 SL’s. Along with any purchase of new tyres, we offer a full tyre balance.