‘Rolls Royce Service’ at SLSHOP – A Customer Review

Here at SLSHOP we put pride and effort into everything we do. Our staff are a team of enthusiasts, a passionate bunch who love the work they do. That might sound like something the marketing department dreamt up, but it’s true. Sam and Bruce have worked hard to create the SLSHOP culture, and it is with pride that we can share this wonderful recent feedback:

Hi there, quick email to say that I’ve had an R129 SL for 20+ years now and never knew you guys [SLSHOP] existed!!! Until now.

I’ve had 2 interactions with 2 of your team in Parts (Nathan and Tom) and I have to compliment them on their helpfulness. It was refreshing. Often, staff in the motor industry can be grumpy and unhelpful and make you feel as if you’re privileged to be allowed speak with them. Your guys were the essence of politeness and I felt like a paying customer who was entitled to (and they were prepared to deliver) Rolls Royce levels of service.

I’m 69 and I’ve owned 30 different cars in my lifetime. 4 of them Mercedes-Benz but the SL is my pride and joy: I’ve had it for 24 years….. but in all the years of contact with the motor industry I’ve rarely, if ever, come across such helpfulness and politeness, except , of course, when it’s a salesman trying to sell me something!!!

Well done – you’ve a great team, obviously! Just thought you should know.”

We’ve kept the name anonymous, but thank you so much for the feedback. The hard sell has never been part of SLSHOP’s modus operandi, and it never will. We are here to curate long term relationships with our customers and clients, based on sound advice, trust and a passion for the three-pointed star.