Why 1960s Mercedes-Benz cars are more popular than ever

Over the last 18 months we have been watching a steady climb in the popularity of cars from the 1960s. The Pagoda has been enjoying an impressive rise in recent years, which has fuelled interest in all cars from this magical era of Mercedes-Benz.

So why is now the time to own a Mercedes-Benz from the 1960s?

Modern enough to use without fear

Experienced Pagoda owners will tell you that a 1960s Mercedes-Benz can be a reliable partner when properly maintained. Despite being 50 years old, these cars can be used regularly without fear of major mechanical problems. Cars from the 1960s are easier to use and enjoy than their predecessors, meaning these cars are more accessible for the day-to-day enthusiast.

A golden era of motoring. W111 Convertible.

Practical enough to use without difficulty

Cars from the 1960s offer a superb balance of usability, practicality and outright style. These cars come from a time when style was more important than safety, emissions and aerodynamics. What you get with a 1960s cars is the benefit of 50 years of development in engine technology, steering, suspension, ride and handling, without the influence of digital technology and the design restraints that would go on to impact the future of car design. Cars from the 1960s are aesthetically stunning without being mechanically restrictive to drive in modern traffic.

It is a magical era of beautiful cars that are easy to drive and enjoy.

Many people are recognising the benefit of owning classic cars from the 1960s, making this the perfect time to buy yours. If you are looking to buy, sell or restore a 1960s Mercedes-Benz, then do contact Bruce.

Wonderful red leather interior of a W108 280S – sold by SLSHOP
This exceptional and rare RHD 6.3 was sold by SLSHOP
Beautiful dashboard and radio facia of W111 coupe – sold by SLSHOP
Signal Red Pagoda interior with delightful beige leather – sold by SLSHOP