CARE Complete – Service Plan & Ownership Program by SLSHOP

A Mercedes–Benz SL can be a thoroughly rewarding classic to own. They are famously robust, reliable and dependable, but as with any car, good care and maintenance is key to getting the best from your finely tuned machine.

The smallest details can make the biggest difference to the way the car responds, drives and ultimately what it ends up being worth.Protect and enhance the value of your car with CERTIFIED servicing from SLSHOP.

Developed exclusively for the R107, W113 and R129 SL, our comprehensive health check and consultancy is an industry leading service that cannot be found anywhere else. A comprehensive review of your car takes place on the ramps, in our service bay and out on the road. More than just a status report, it’s a chance for you to really examine your car and your future plans. It gives reassurance for you and the car; an opportunity to discuss your intended direction with an expert. Complete members can enjoy this benefit at a significant saving.

Be part of it now…increase the value of your car for less than the cost of membership.

How to Join?


Call: 0800 612 89511

Email: [email protected]