CARE by SLSHOP – An all encompassing ownership experience

For every SL owner we have met, the key aspect in ownership of running one of these amazing motorcars is ensuring that this prized possession remains a joy to use whenever, wherever and however; protecting or increasing its value over time.

In order to support these critical factors, SLSHOP, World’s Largest Specialist in Classic SL’s, have drawn upon hundreds of cars and thousands of hours of experience to develop CARE; a way of engaging a community of owners and protecting the value of their investments as well as enhancing their cars condition, reliability and desirability.

Far too many people own a classic SL and aren’t creating lasting memories. It’s time for change! We will encourage our CARE community to Drive More, See More and Do More, therefore increasing the value members receive from owning these incredible machines.

CARE is about more than just joining our club. It’s about a feeling of belonging, of coming home, and a connection with like-minded people who share our automotive passion; a team that know your car inside and out.

How to Join?


Call: 0800 612 89511

Email: [email protected]