Mercedes-Benz R107 listed as ‘one to watch in 2020’ by experts

Enduring appeal and reliability protect classic Mercedes-Benz values in a complex market

We’ve launched into 2020 with a great deal of momentum, with the market staying consistent to just how we reported things back in our Autumn 2019 Market Review. With January out of the way and a flurry of post-christmas sales secured, we are looking at the rest of 2020 with excitement.

Respected media outlet Classic Driver have collaborated with a number of industry experts to bring us the top 10 Collector Cars to watch in 2020, and naturally the R107 has a significant presence.

Slated as ‘The most sensible dream car in the world’, Dietrich Hatlapa of the Historic Automobile Group International (HAGI) details how the R107’s enduring usability and reliability as a day to day classic is protecting it from the cooling of the industry.

“…the increased caution exercised by buyers in today’s market lends itself to classic Mercedes-Benzes, a sector of the market which has remained steadier than any other in the last 12 months according to its HAGI index, having grown by just 0.07 percent. By comparison, Ferrari was down 9.67 percent.”

He goes on to praise the reliability of the car:

““At the moment I’d go for an R107-generation SL, a car once billed as ‘the most sensible dream car in the world’… They’re old, shiny and glamorous enough to be deemed a classic but young and well-built enough to be used regularly and without stress.”

(Dietrich Hatlapa, quoted from Classic Driver’s Jan 2020 post The 10 collector cars the experts say you should watch in 2020)

We’ve done our own work recently on reliability and what it means to you, and are in agreement that it’s the sheer ‘jump in and go’ of an R107 or W113 classic Mercedes-Benz SL that gives them a lasting appeal that spans multiple generations of enthusiast.

Interestingly in the piece, making up the rest of the Top 10 for 2020 are Concept Cars, Competition Cars, Unusual Cars, Could-Have-Been Cars, but a whole category is reserved for what Classic Driver call ‘Cheap Thrills‘. These are cars of the early 2000s that offer relative simplicity when compared to more modern, technologically advanced motorcars. We can also agree with what’s stated here, as our delightful early R170 SLK was sold within a few days of appearing on the website.

Cheap Thrills – Early T registered R170 SLK230 didn’t hang around

You can read the full piece at Classic Driver by clicking here.

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