2020 Car Sales off to Flying Start

It gives us great pleasure to announce that 2020 has kicked off to a superb start, with no less than 7 cars finding new owners in recent weeks.

The poor weather isn’t so much damping spirits as driving late night web traffic to our online showroom, so if it’s too cold and wet outside to take a stroll around, head over to our showroom and enjoy a scroll down.

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Cars moving to new owners so far in 2020:

SOLD… This 1967 Mercedes-Benz W113 280SL Pagoda 4 Speed Manual

The new owner of this fine machine was on Cloud 9 on Christmas Day, out enjoying their new Pagoda. It even appeared in the background of a Happy New Year post that’s currently been viewed on Instagram more than 50,000 times. We won’t say who the lucky new owner is, but we do need to point out that both letters in the SL badge are capitalised. Well ok, if you insist, and if you haven’t guessed already, this car now belongs to music and petrolhead hero Jay Kay.

SOLD… This Mercedes-Benz R107 420SL with very low mileage

We are sorry to see this one leave the showroom, although the new owner certainly isn’t! This wonderful R107SL looks simply fabulous in Triple Black, and with mileage barely over 30,000, it’s no surprise it didn’t stay with us long.

SOLD… This Left Hand Drive Mercedes-Benz 500SL

In the late 1980s a well-heeled individual carefully considered the choices whilst equipping their brand new car. They plumped for Midnight Blue with Dark Blue Leather, along with almost every other available option, including heated seats. Thirty years later this car will move to France for another careful owner to enjoy the carefully selected benefits of this beautifully regal car.

SOLD… Greg James’ Mercedes-Benz R107 420SL

Proof that mileage is no obstacle when it comes to R107 SL sales, this ex Greg James 420SL showed more than 100,000 on the odometer. The new owner is rightly unperturbed by the figure and intends to add a few more thousand to it. And why not? An R107SL is a capable and sturdy classic car.

SOLD… This Mercedes-Benz R107 450SL in Brilliant Red

The market for early R107 cars has traditionally lagged behind the desire for later Post 86 models, but throughout 2019 we have seen an increased interest in earlier cars. Fine examples of Pre 86 cars, with their smaller wheels and delicate styling are as popular as ever. This 450SL was an absolute gem, off to be enjoyed by a new owner.

SOLD… This Mercedes-Benz W111 280SE 3.5 Coupe

Another car that we’ll miss having in the showroom is the one staff have affectionately come to know as ‘the big coop’. With it’s beautifully appointed interior and delicious paintwork it has become a favourite on site for staff and visitors alike. This car is now destined for South Africa where it will join an already well established Mercedes-Benz collection.

SOLD… This Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.3

Also finding a new home at the tail end of 2019 was this wonderful 450SEL 6.3, a car who’s cultural significance simply cannot be understated. We are taught to respect our elders, and as the spiritual grandfather of an entire stable of super saloons, this car simply has to be saluted. It moves on to a new home with a collector, joining and growing mix of wonderful classic cars.