Showroom Picks – 1985 380SL

Each week we take a close look at one car from our showroom:

This week it’s a delightful ‘late early’ V8 equipped Ivory coloured 380SL

1985 Mercedes-Benz 380SL

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A superb and hard to find ‘late model early car’ from 1985. The timeless combination of Ivory coachwork with Palamino Leather gives this car an incredibly luxurious look.

The lazy-but-potent 3.8 litre V8 engine coupled with Ivory coachwork and early style interior gives this car the feel of an early 1970s American muscle car, a distinguished and different feel to the later R107s.

This lovely early car has been absolutely cherished by the former keepers, who purchased it in 2009.

Bought as a second car for trips and tours, this Ivory SL has toured Ireland numerous times, visited Jersey, Northern France and Scotland – as can be evidenced by the photographs shown here.

During this time extensive work has been done to keep this car in top condition. As part of the key role of ‘holiday transport’, this SL has always been maintained to the highest standard. Any suspect noises, vibrations, hums or whirrs that have arisen during the last 10 years have been resolved correctly, with the owner always ensuring the car was ready to go at a moments notice.

The next owner of this car will benefit from the time and dedication shown over the last 10 years.

Prospective buyers should not be deterred by the mileage on this car – it really is a wonderful example.

The engine fires at the first turn of the key, the car feels responsive and ready.

This SL is longing for a new owner to take the wheel and aim for the horizon, a new best friend with which to share many more miles of happy touring.

Click here to view this car in our showroom