What do Willow, Thistle and Pine have in common…?

You’d be right in saying they are all trees.

You’d also be right in saying they are the names of Mercedes-Benz colours used on the R107 SL.

Regular visitors to our online showroom will know that any green is a rare colour for an SL. It is not often that we are able to offer high calibre cars in any shade of green, despite the fact that throughout it’s life cycle the R107 was available in no less than 17 different greens!

These shades were:

Dark Green1971-72
Dark Olive1971-72
Reed Green1972-75
Caledonia Green1975-79
Citrus Green1975-79
Deep Green1975-79
Nickel Green1975-79
Mango Green1980-82
Thistle Green1980-86
Cactus Green1981-82
Forest Green1982-84
Cypress Green1985-86
Moss Green1985-86
Agate Green1986-89
Pine Green1986-89
Seafoam Green1986-89
Willow Green1986-89

Willow Green is a Mercedes-Benz colour that’s synonymous with the late 1980s, appearing in SL brochures for the last 3 years of production from 1986-1989. As greens and browns fell out of favour in the early 2000s, many cars fell by the wayside. With these colours now more popular and in demand than ever, there could not be a better time to purchase a Willow Green with Beige SL. The colours are further complimented by the dark shades of wood within the cabin, resulting in a highly luxurious picture.

Willow Green
Thistle Green