Caffeine & Machine celebrates the SL

The SLSHOP were delighted to be involved in a recent collaboration with the ultimate automotive, gastro and conversation destination Caffeine & Machine.

We helped the team to curate a weekend dedicated to the Sport Leicht, providing cars and display items for customers of the venue to enjoy.

Four generations of SL were on show for all to see, as well as the now legendary ‘wheel change car’.

The wheel change challenge saw individuals and then teams pitted against each other in a battle to change a wheel in the quickest time. Friendships, relationships and marriages rose and fell amidst the cheers, the sweat and the frantic tightening of wheel bolts!

Our weekend with Caffeine & Machine was a fine opportunity to meet customers and friends old and new.

There may well be more events with Caffeine & Machine just over the horizon, be sure to sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know.