Porsche Storage with SLSHOP – Your Perfect Partner

Need a safe haven to winterise your 911? Look no further. Classic Porsche Storage in Warwickshire couldn’t be easier than with SLSHOP.

Our dedicated specialist car storage facility is located just outside of Stratford Upon Avon.

We understand that a very special car requires very special care. Our storage facility is centrally located, offering easy access from the Midlands, Oxford, the Cotswolds and beyond, we are the perfect place to store your classic Porsche.

Whether it’s a classic Porsche 911, 912, 914, 356 a modern Porsche or something else entirely, we’d be happy to welcome your car to one of our storage plans.

At SLSHOP, we take our cars seriously – and we’ll do the same for yours. Our modern premises are highly secure, accessed through a number of securely locked gates. 24hr CCTV covers our property, which is equipped with an alarm that gives a direct link to the police.

Choose from a simple range of storage solutions, from a basic package to a fully managed concierge service. Our secure, indoor storage facility is part of the SLSHOP complex, cared for by the same dedicated SLSHOP team.

All our storage plans offer covered, indoor security for short of long term car storage. Whether you are looking for a simple car storage solution or a fully managed, proactive plan for your classic or supercar, we can help. All cars need regular exercise, and this is something our concierge style service can cater for.

Access to your car can be arranged at any time, via the SLSHOP front desk team. Special requests can also be accommodated, depending on the service package you choose. Need a full tank and a quick check over before heading away for a weekend? Speak with us about your requirements.

Just a short drive from the M40, you’ll find SLSHOP HQ. Our centrally located car storage facility is the perfect place to store your car.

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