What’s the plural of R129?

If you can have a school of dolphins, a gaggle of geese and a parliament of owls, then what do you call a gathering of Mercedes-Benz R129s?

Ein Awesomeness of SLs“? We’ll call it that for now.

This photo shows three cars, all the same chassis but all very different.

The car in the foreground is an early (1990) 500SL showing the two-tone paint and alloy wheels characteristic of the earlier cars.

The central SL is a very late model example, and if you look closely, you’ll notice it isn’t black – instead it’s a deep hue of purple, a special colour signifying either it’s a special edition or it’s a factory special order or ‘Designo’. It wears wheels usually found on special edition cars such as the Mille Miglia and Silver Arrows, all of which make it a very attractive SL indeed..

The third car, nearest the back of the workshop, is an SL60 AMG. The SL60 AMG is a firmly established modern classic, one that deserves a significant mention in the history and development of the SL and a car that laid the groundwork for other AMG models to follow, such as the Black series cars.

When this car was in showrooms it would have cost over £150,000 to buy, and just 49 Right Hand Drive examples are known to exist.

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