R 107 SL Rear Valance Panels

Mercedes-Benz R 107 SL and SLC Rear Valance Panels from The SLSHOP

The Mercedes-Benz R 107 SL has a three-piece rear valance, originally made of steel or aluminium. Steel was used for the large majority of cars, however the SLC used ‘lightweight’ aluminium panels. Essentially, unless you’ve got valid reason to believe otherwise… your car had steel valance panels.

For many years, both steel and aluminium valance panels were impossible to obtain, so we developed our own GRP (fibreglass) items.

These panels really finish off the car, and are often an easier option than repairing damaged or worn originals. They fit using our R 107 SL Valance Panel Fitting Kit.

All our panels are supplied unpainted, ready for the colour of your choice.

Rear valance panels, as demonstrated by our 300SL SportLine. The panels are the same for all SL and SLC models regardless of engine size, year or drive side.

See the list below and follow the links to buy your parts in our store.

Rear Valance Panels in GRP (fibreglass):

107.0222 – Centre (1078850525)
107.0221 – Left (1078850325)
107.0220 – Right (1078850425)

Rear Valance Panels in Steel:

107.1178 – Centre (1078850525)
107.1176 – Left (1078850325)
107.1177 – Right (1078350425)

Rear Valance Panels in Aluminium

107.1026 – Centre – (1078851325)
107.1024 – Left (1078851525)
107.1025 – Right (1078851625)