Exclusive Parts – 107 SLC Rear Windscreen

New and Exclusive from The SL Shop – SLC Rear Windscreen

The elegant silhouette of the Mercedes-Benz C107 SLC owes a lot to the gently sloping rear windscreen, a shape that completes the form of this imposing and attractive coupe.

Until now this large one piece glass unit had been virtually impossible to obtain.

The SLC rear windscreen is particularly susceptible to delaminating or turning ‘milky’. Over time, moisture also tends to render the heater elements faulty. We have seen a great many SLCs with these ailments.

An SLC windscreen, well on it’s way to complete delamination

The SLSHOP are proud to announce that the C 107 SLC Rear Windscreen is now in stock.

Offered in green heat absorbing tint, this is a perfect fit high quality item. Not only is this highly sought after part now available, it is improved with the ‘invisible’ fine wire heater element, instead of the typical 1980s and 90s black lines.

The rear windscreen joins our range, which now caters for all glass for the C107 SLC, including windscreen, side windows and quarter glass.

107 SLC Glass Options:

SLC 107 – Windscreen – Green

SLC 107 – Windscreen – Clear

SLC 107 – Rear Windscreen – Heated – Green

SLC 107 – Rear Right Quarter Glass – Green

SLC 107 – Rear Left Quarter Glass – Green