R107 SL Rubber Seals

Mercedes SL Rubber Seals

Over time, you may find that you need to replace the rubber seals on your car. If your SL needs new seals then our selection of Mercedes SL rubber seals are perfect for the job.

The need for high-quality Mercedes SL rubber seals

Regardless of how well you look after your car, it’s likely that your rubber seals will eventually need to be replaced. The seals are used in numerous places around the vehicle and help to keep it water-tight. These seals also help ensure that correct spacing between panels, for example, is maintained.

The Mercedes SL rubber seals which are available from SLSHOP are a great solution to worn or cracked seals. Over the life of a car, which in the case of an SL could now be more than 30 years, seals harden, crack and lose their form. When this happens, leaks and wind noise can occur and panels can begin to slip or move.

Unfortunately, seals are not something you can restore. Once they are worn out, they will need to be replaced.  An extensive range of seals are now available from SLSHOP to allow you to do this.

SLSHOP’s Mercedes SL Rubber Seals

Generally speaking, there are three types of rubber seals available to buy; Mercedes-Benz genuine parts, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or low-end copies. The Mercedes SL rubber seals that have been produced through OEM are incredibly popular.

They’re made using the same material and colour-matched to replicate the originals. These are a premium replacement rubber seal and offer a factory-quality product with a significant saving when compared with genuine Mercedes parts.

We also have budget options available if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. These offer a cheaper solution, but the quality doesn’t match that of the premium product, as you’d expect.

Some of the key differences between our premium OEM version and the budget option are:

  •     OEM are easier to fit
  •     OEM have the canvas coating in high friction zones, where applicable
  •     OEM are colour-matched
  •     OEM generally last longer
  •     OEM provide a better seal to keep the water out
  •     OEM version will usually give a better cushion and position for panels that are resting on it

You can search our online store for the specific type of rubber seal that you’re looking for, or alternatively, we offer full kits which will give you every type of seal you need for a complete restoration.

Fitting SLSHOP’s Mercedes SL rubber seals

Fitting new rubber seals to your SL is a fairly straight forward task, however, it does need to be done properly. Ill-fitting seals can allow water to break through seals, wind noise to occur, or panels to move.

If you’d prefer to have the seals replaced by our experienced team of mechanics, then get in touch with us today to book an appointment and discuss your requirements.

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